The Core Solvable Issue For the 21st Century – Jail Corrupt Politicians

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The author is a Major (Retired) of the US Air Force and a Human Security advocate

Holding politicians accountable is the core drumbeat felt at the dawning of the 21st century.  The information technology (IT) revolution has created an ever-increasing globally connected consciousness and transparency never before experienced in human evolution.  The connectivity and transparency of the global brain is forcing ineffective, inefficient and prone to corruption governments and their politicians to evolve in ways to better serve humanity.   

One fine example of how awakened individuals can utilize ever-increasing global awareness to address longstanding injustice is shown in this outstanding piece by F. William Engdahl, along with the ability to hyperlink the article within an essay for publication in this or some other online journal, and then for any and all readers to instantaneously corroborate and share any and all information from an internet connection in their hand, on their desktop or at their public library.

An almost endless series of failings and crimes of a wide range of politicians, bureaucrats and businessmen contribute in a large way to the rise of US Presidential candidate Donald Trump.   Here Trumps sums up a fundamental reason for his meteoric political ascendency by delivering in four short words his best attempt at knocking out Hillary Clinton and all other crooked, crony and criminally negligent actors like her in four simple words: You belong in jail!

Note at the end of the clip how the debate moderator, Anderson Cooper, admonish the public not to react to this core issue of the 21st century.  It is left up to the reader to determine if western mainstream corporate media is unaware of the intense desire of the public to finally hold the wealthy and powerful accountable for their wrongdoings, is attempting to continue their cover up on behalf of crooked crony politicians and their powerful corporate masters in order maintain the existing (unacceptable) state of affairs, or is an active partner to these and countless other crimes against humanity.

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