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CNN: US Helped the French Storm Bastille in 1917

CNN tells us the French hold annual Thank-America-Day Parades

Yesterday France celebrated Bastille Day, the day that marks America's entry into World War I. And it was a very, very special Bastille Day, because it marked the 100th anniversary of this historic event. 

We know this is true because world history and national holidays everywhere revolve around the US, and because CNN's Senior White House Correspondent told us. 

How charming:


Those French sure are grateful, throwing massive parades every year to show their appreciation for America's help in 1917. They're so grateful in fact that they traveled back in time and arranged for Thank America Day celebrations to start in 1880—37 years before the US entry into WWI.

CNN, maybe have your reporters finish 5th grade before you put them on air? Child labor is against the law, after all.

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