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CNN: The Islamic Caliphate of Cable TV

Could it be possible that CNN is basically a propaganda organ for ISIS and Al-Qaeda?

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

In Islam there are two Jihads: the “:greater Jihad” is the struggle to improve one’s soul.The “lesser Jihad” is the struggle against social injustice.

First and foremost, fanatical Islamic jihadists see themselves as social justice warriors. And if you watch cable TV you know that CNN journalists also follow the lesser Jihad. In fact, CNN is an awful lot like the radical Islamic movement. The similarities and connections are rather uncanny. It’s all very weird and worrying.

Members of ISIS and Al-Qaeda say that no one is allowed to mock or criticize the prophet and so it was only natural that a fake wrestling cartoon mocking the “Prophet CNN” was fanatically attacked last week by CNN jihadists. (In Paris, Charlie Hebdo – you may remember - was targeted for an irreverent cartoon of the prophet.) And now Trump who mocked CNN with an irreverent cartoon needs to be targeted. Certainly no one mocks Jeff Zucker, peace be upon him.

Because Donald Trump – once he became president - dared to criticize Prophet CNN there had to be a martyr to take him down.

Enter CNN jihadist Kathy Griffin – who – like her ISIS counter parts had to celebrate the beheading of “an infidel” with his decapitated head held up high for all to see. If it had been a video instead of a photo one could imagine Kathy shouting “CNN u Akbar!”

It is not a secret that ISIS and Al-Qaeda are funded by the Gulf States. But guess who else is? That’s right…CNN !

Amber Lyon – a real journalist who initially coined the term “fake news” in reference to her own company - quit CNN because she discovered it was accepting money from Gulf States to produce favorable news coverage for these dictatorial governments committing horrendous human rights abuses.

This cozy relationship between governments that sponsor Wahhabi terrorism and CNN was revealed in a stunning piece of investigative journalism by Glenn Greenwald in The Guardian entitled “CNN and the business of state-sponsored TV news.

Could it be possible that CNN is basically a propaganda organ for ISIS and Al-Qaeda?

Eerily, an article recently by Max Blumenthal exposed CNN journalist Clarissa Ward as a social justice warrior connected to Al-Qaeda media manager Bilal Abdul Kareem. Through him, CNN managed to gain access to Al-Qaeda controlled areas including the scene/episode of the now infamous Aleppo boy – a story that has turned out to be – well – fake news. Pure propaganda, really.

Until recently Al-Qaeda and ISIS were scoring spectacular victories in Syria. The secularist infidel Assad and his government were on the verge of a historic defeat at the hands of ISIS and Al-Qaeda. All that changed, however, with the intervention of Russia and its air force. As a result of Russian interference, ISIS and Al-Qaeda have been on the run and are themselves now facing defeat.   Their propaganda organ CNN, therefore, was put into high gear in an effort to demonize the infidel Vladimir Putin.

And finally…

Is it a coincidence that CNN – the “Clinton News Network” - worked overtime and then some in an attempt to get Hillary elected? After all, she is the one responsible for arranging the downfall and death of Islamic terrorists’ number one enemy in Africa – Muammar Qaddafi. The connection?

Well …does anyone remember when The Independent revealed this bombshell? - “Julian Assange: Isis and Clinton Foundation are both funded by Saudi Arabia and Qatar”.

Now you know why CNN jihadist Chris Cuomo issued a dire warning to viewers that reading Wikileaks is “illegal”. And all through this CNN founder Ted Turner has remained mysteriously silent. It’s all very weird and worrying..

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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