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CNN Ate the Brown Acid: Kiev Is a ‘NATO Member’, Western Ukraine Is ‘Occupied’

Western Ukraine is "occupied", according to CNN. An earlier version of this amazing article claimed that Ukraine is a NATO member. Sure, why not?

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

CNN's newsroom is either staffed by turnips or master-level trolls. 

"Since assuming office the Trump administration has taken a much harder line on the occupation of the western part of Ukraine, a partner of NATO," writes CNN. 

<figcaption>They know Porky. They know. </figcaption>
They know Porky. They know.

Fake news, but also: True news? We are very confused.

Finally, some candid reporting from CNN:

This is an "updated" version, though. The original story got really creative: 

Just. So. Beautiful. So Ukraine went from NATO "member" to "associate member" to "partner". That's a serious downgrade. But it's also CNN. 


This amazing treasure trove of CNN failure was discovered by loyal Russia Insider reader "George Zah". Thank you, George! You are a gentleman and a scholar. 

Ladies and gentlemen: "CNN". Please clap

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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