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Classic: Putin Asks West to Explain Difference Between 'Moderate' and 'Immoderate' Armed Groups [Cue Cricket Chirps]

...And still waiting for an answer

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If you've turned on a western television in the last 48 hours, you are probably well aware that Syria is overflowing with democracy-loving, secular vegans who are being massacred by the evil Russian empire. Vladimir Putin is very interested in these tofu-guzzling hippies, and so he decided to ask his German and French partners about them. Via SkyNews

President Vladimir Putin's spokesman said that Russia's Western partners had failed to explain the term "moderate opposition" as monitors claimed that Russian jets had bombed two Syrian villages, killing one person.

<figcaption>Troll of the Year</figcaption>
Troll of the Year

Putin, who met the leaders of France and Germany in Paris on Friday, had "expressed a lively interest in the subject and asked what the difference between the moderate opposition and the immoderate opposition is,' Dmitry Peskov said on television on Saturday.

"So far, no one really has managed to explain what the moderate opposition is.'

Sometimes Putin is a little bit cruel. 


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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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