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Civil War in Russia Is Only Now Coming to an End

"The Russian dream on brotherhood, welfare, and rapprochement between people, beloved nature and delightful culture will acquire its incarnation in a new Russian victory."

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

The author is a famous Russian writer.

Lately I often hear a statement, "our society boils with inexpiable hatred." All hate all. This hatred is about to grow into a hot civil war. “How come? Why?" moralists wonder. "Can Russian people practice hatred?"

<figcaption>Capture of the White Guard</figcaption>
Capture of the White Guard

No, Russians do not practice hatred. Spiritual culture, Russian faith and the entire Russian lifestyle tell about love and tolerance. But the reality of the Russian life of the 20th and 21st centuries demolishes these centuries-old aspirations.

During the 20th century, Russia was full of tragic traumas, fractures and cuttings of history. Back then, Russian people remained hanging on the rack. The Tsar was overthrown by the liberals, and this incineration of the state power implanted severe hatred between the liberals and monarchists. The Bolsheviks overthrew the liberals of the temporary government. The supporters of the united indivisible Russia, who called themselves the Whites, took up swords. The Reds entered into a cruel Civil War and beat them. The hatred between the Whites and Reds is still continuing.

The Cossacks still remember the mass shootings of the Cossacks by commissioners. They still long to visit vengeance on the Reds. The dispossession of the peasants is still remembered by their grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Stalin’s terror, when  groups of Lenin’s troops were sent to the slaughter, when the rebellious generals were shot down, when all classes of young Soviet society suffered from hideous cleaning – this terror responds with severe rejection of Stalinism today, and the entire Red epoch of Stalin’s rule together with that.

The war at the beginning caused a split in the wounded Soviet society. Vlasovites swore to Hitler, Banderovites, who fought under the guise of the Wehrmacht, the Baltic insurgents, dressed in the SS-uniform - all that turned people in chopped bloody mess. And only the Great Victory and its fiery sun melted dead fringes of split society. The victory brought people into a great unity, formed a new unheard-of nation of Russia. The victory created a great alloy of the Soviet people who resurrected the ruined Russia, flew to space and covered Siberia north of the Arctic Circle and deserts with new cities and plants.

Contradictions and social injuries, hidden in the monolith of the Soviet ideology, were suppressed by the government that used the resources of centralism and of the Victory for controlling the vast territory of the huge country. When there appeared an objective to ruin the country in the heart of the political elites, all the micro-organisms of the former diseases, walled in the monolith of the Red idea, were released. The creators of the perestroika, striving to ruin the state, released all tragic collisions of the history of 20th century, accompanying them with much earlier splits which filled our history. Pagans and early Christians, Old Believers and followers of Nikon, Russia before and after Peter the Great – the society buried itself in the broil which lasted for four years, aimed at settling old historic scores.

The hatred remained even after the Soviet Union collapsed. The liberals - winners who were in the minority - took power in the country, only due to their deviously brilliant policy and betrayal of the Red elites. The liberals strove to strengthen their powers, afraid of revenge from deceived people from they had taken the shirt off their back. They injected people with poisonous sprays of hatred. They instigated them for ideological feuds, setting the Whites against the Reds, monarchists against communists.

All Russian post-Soviet society comprised three fragments reminding of  broken blocks of ice. The red Soviet fragment, the biggest and most powerful. The Russian national fragment, which was drastically growing. The small liberal fragment that had captured the Kremlin. These three fragments were moving towards the storming sea of modern Russian history, colliding, sparkling, melting in awkward fleeting unions, and then splitting apart again. And this Brownian motion can be still seen today.

The defeat of the great Red civilization, the capture of its countless wealth by the small group of the liberal oligarchs, is a colossal injury that current Russia is currently carrying. The new Russian state, which is growing after the catastrophe of the Red empire, is convulsing with these contradictions and injuries. The oppositionists of the Russian state take advantage of these break-ups, rubbing salt into Russian wounds, controlling the hatred, and preventing the state from gaining full-scale strength and integrity.

The state, growing stronger and wiser, getting rid of radical liberals, is painfully feeling for the tradition of power. While gaining harmonious imperial complexity, it is striving for smoothing over the contradictions, pouring cease-fire elixirs onto the bleeding wounds, unifying people around a national idea which is clear for everyone, offering people a nationwide deed which will help them to forget the disputes, and combining all efforts.

The Olympic Victory brought together split energies, allowed people to feel their unity and invincibility. This victory was a rehearsal of the annexation of the Crimea. The annexation of the Crimea by Russia was interpreted as an exultant lightful miracle, bestowed on everyone - old and young, rich and poor.

The celebration of the 70th anniversary of the Victory; the Immortal Regiment marched along Moscow as a giant sacred procession, spilled holy water, which was produced in the depths of Russian history, on Russian life again. This inspired and brought people together; they felt themselves a strong united body. And that became a prologue to an upcoming unity. Such unity can be reached neither at round-table conferences, nor during public festivities, but as a result of development, when Russia rushes to a rapid transformation; of modernization of dilapidated plants, roads, cities, decayed ideological and ethic matrixes.   

Then it will turn into a huge construction site again, which prepares an honorary role for everyone. And an unfading star of divine fair, of that exalted religious consciousness, when all phenomena of people’s life acquire symbolic integrity; where past wrongdoings are atoned for; and all former fractures and raptures are spliced, will begin to gleam above this construction. And the Russian dream on brotherhood, welfare, and rapprochement between people, beloved nature and delightful culture will acquire its incarnation in a new Russian victory.   

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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