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Citing Lack of Evidence, Experts Only 95 Percent Sure Putin Hacked France's Election

May 9, 2017 — Victory Day: Today's top Russian meddling headlines

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Welcome back to another installment of RI's award-winning The Morning Meddling.

Today is Victory Day and it's also a Very Cold Day in Moscow. 

<figcaption>Who needs evidence? It's Russia.</figcaption>
Who needs evidence? It's Russia.

Now for today's top Russian meddling stories:

  • Give Anne Applebaum money so she can fight "Russian disinformation"! (Don't.) [Ron Paul Institute]
  • BBC asks: "Will Russia's absence spoil Ukraine's Eurovision party?" Oh dear. someone call the Hague. [BBC]
  • James Clapper says Russia will hack future US elections, again and again, forever. [Cnet]
  • Wired has lingering doubts about whether Putin hacked Macron. Traitors. [Wired]
  • "Soviet soldiers' mass grave desecrated by vandals in central Ukraine". Just in time for Victory Day. [TASS]
  • Mark Ames expertly deconstructs the latest "Russia is arming the Taliban" meme. [Mark Ames]
  • Sanctions blowback continues: "Exxon Mobil Corp. is suffering from sanctions on Russia. The same can’t be said for other big Western energy companies, or for Russia’s oil production." [Wall Street Journal]

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Today on KremlinTube: US Congress Wants to inspect Russian ports?


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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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