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CIA Veteran Ray McGovern: NATO Buildup and Meddling in Ukraine Risks US-Russia War (Audio Podcast)

Nuclear annihilation over brinkmanship in Eastern European hinterlands that most Americans can't even point to on a map? Why not

Ray McGovern, a former CIA analyst and co-founder of Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS) and Scott Horton discusses how NATO, under US leadership, has expanded to Russia’s borders since the Soviet Union’s disintegration; and how we are a hairbreadth from nuclear war.

(38 minutes. 17 megabytes. Some commercials.)



Points they touch on:

  • How bad is the the new cold war? Is it really all Russia's fault? What about the 2014 Ukraine coup?
  • How NATO, under US leadership, has expanded to Russia’s borders since the Soviet Union’s disintegration
  • How US meddles in Ukraine potentially risking a war with Russia over what has nothing to do with US national interests
  • US elections and how Putin may be breathing a sigh of relief that Hillary Clinton acceding to power is no longer a done deal
  • How Putin can tell his military (in private) not to worry about the anti-ballistic missile system:

“It’s just the biggest welfare system for contractors and Wall street that has ever been devised. They’re making billions and billions out of this and it will never work.”

  • And yet, a nuclear catastrophe is only a hair trigger away and in some ways the nuclear situation is at its most unstable since at least 1972:

“If the generals in Moscow get the idea that our generals consider, that with all the anti-ballistic missile systems so called, in the Black sea, in the Baltic’s, and in Poland, and Romania. If our military gets the idea that they can nip in the butt, the Russian intercontinental missile system, then you have a situation that has not existed before 1972, where there was a balance of terror because there was no guarantee that someone might not try a first strike… where you can obliterate the other side’s nuclear potential, without suffering undue damage to your own country.”

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