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CIA-Linked Newspaper Suffers Complete Nervous Breakdown

The schizophrenic Washington Post "finds" connections between random people and Vladimir Putin

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The best anti-Russia propaganda is so reasonable that you almost want the article or news segment or whatever to twist the knife in just a bit deeper for good measure.

You're supposed to start with a nice, general, meaningless statement such as "Putin is a strong leader — but is he a good leader?"

<figcaption>It all makes sense now...</figcaption>
It all makes sense now...

And then of course by the end of the piece you're convinced that the only way to save humanity is by dropping several hydrogen bombs on Moscow.

In "journalism" this is known as "mission accomplished".

All competent propaganda artists know this and that's why none of them work for the CIA-linked Washington Post. It's a newspaper run by deeply troubled, unhinged paranoids.

This is the current state of American journalism:

There's not too much that can be added to this shocking display of schizophrenia, aside from the obvious fact that whoever made this pentagram of Kremlin Collaborators is a danger to themselves and everyone around them.

Also, why does the shadowy hand of "Russian business" have golden, manicured nails?

Because "Russia".

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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