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Outgoing CIA Director May Be an Islamist and Saudi Intelligence Asset

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

After 9/11 nobody could imagine that 15 years later the US military-political leadership will be under Saudi power brokers.

Nowadays it's not a secret that the major sponsor of Democratic Party and Clinton and Bush clans are Saudi oil businessmen. Moreover, one of them is a family of bin Laden, which member became "The Terrorist №1"…

That’s why Washington has good relations with Riyadh, turning a blind eye to the fact, that Saudi Arabia is the most totalitarian State with Medieval laws. For this same reason the information about Saudi role in 9/11 was kept carefully under wraps.

But what about CIA and its Directors? The "submission" started in 1990-s…

After the victory of Islamists in Afghanistan and loss of CIA control over al-Qaeda, the Jihadists uprising started worldwide.   Although Washington thought himself only one winner of the Cold War and only one Chief of the new world, Saudi rulers didn't agree with it. And soon the US realized that Saudi's economic strength and its power over millions Muslims minds is a deadly threat which is difficult to resist. So trade-off was needed in order to rule the world together.

The key decision was the US support of Saudi interests in the world even if it includes the development of radical Jihadist organizations. Therefor financial support of Clinton and Bush clans for holding the White House was promised.

So the "New person" in CIA was needed for cooperation with Saudi Intelligence (GIP) in BlackOps. This person appeared to be John Brennan. His education is connected with Middle East and he speaks Arabic. In the middle of 1990-s Brennan was CIA station chief in Riyadh, where he converted in Islam. It is without equal in the history of CIA!

Moreover, it was radical branch of Islam – Wahhabism, which is an official ideology of Saudi Arabia. It would be hard to believe, if Brennan hadn't visited Mecca, which is forbidden for non-Muslims.

Later John Brennan was put in charge in CIA, alongside ISIS became a regional power…

This points to the fact, that Saudi side is in charge in CIA-GIP cooperation. Brennan is a man of Riyadh, who controls CIA now – the main tool of US foreign impact.  

It is possible that finally CIA Director was recruited by Saudi GIP and today he is developing Islamist factions inside the USA.

Terrorists will never invade the USA, because the WH has been occupied by Saudis long before…


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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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