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Chinese State Media - Russia, China 'Fed Up With US Hegemony', Destabilization

"The US is unable to beat down the Chinese dragon and the Russian bear at the same time."

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

The Chinese are extremely cautious and diplomatic, to a fault really, in their official pronouncements, so we can take this one seriously.

A few weeks ago the Global Times, the English language publication of the People's Daily, sort of like the Chinese version of Russia's RT or Sputnik, made it perfectly plain in an editorial, summing up a visit from Putin.

<figcaption>Chinese soldiers training in freezing temperatures</figcaption>
Chinese soldiers training in freezing temperatures

It explained that the "US is the biggest source of global strategic risks", arguing that relentless US military pressure on both Russia and China are forcing them to fight back.  

The editorial explains what would be blindingly obvious to any first-year political science freshman: "The US is unable to beat down the Chinese dragon and the Russian bear at the same time.", and throws in that both powers are "fed-up" with American behavior.

The editorial goes on to explain that neither China nor Russia want a confrontation with the US, and would far prefer friendly diplomatic relations, but the US is making this impossible.  Read the whole thing here.

A famous Russian bishop once said:  " The devil is cunning and sly -- but also very stupid."  This seems to explain the behavior of the American deep state which has engineered the stunning blunder of getting Russia and China to combine against the USA.  

That stupidity has been much on display lately - losing an election they threw every ounce of their vast bureaucratic and media power into, blowing up the Middle East, supporting ISIS and getting caught at it, running with a ridiculous Russiagate meme that has blown up in their face, alienating most Americans and Germans with a relentless drumbeat of what is aptly called Fake News, completely losing their trust.  

They are being beaten and exposed and laughed at more and more each week, and this has now been going on for over a year, since Trump emerged.  It leaves me with a twinge of optimism about what the future holds.

One can only marvel at their self-immolation.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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