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The Chinese See US-Russia Conflict as 'A Decade-Long Golden Opportunity for China'

"The article makes several mentions of the corrupt, oligarchic, and anti-democratic nature of American politics, and outlines why U.S. sanctions against Russia will harm the United States itself."  -  Things must be pretty bad if the Chinese see the US as corrupt.

An article by a Chinese scholar titled: “American-Russian Conflict: A Decade-Long Golden Opportunity for China” has recently gone viral on Chinese social media.

The Chinese expect to benefit greatly from their new friendship with Russia - courtesy of US hostility

It makes several mentions of the corrupt, oligarchic, and anti-democratic nature of American politics, and outlines why U.S. sanctions against Russia will harm the United States itself.

It reflect the thinking of many Chinese elites, and has been shared widely on the platform WeChat, China’s alternative to Line and Whatsapp, as well as Weibo, its alternative to Facebook.

The author correctly recognizes that President Trump has had to sacrifice much of his foreign policy in order to stave off impeachment. Regarding the damaging of US-Russian relations, he writes:

“Regardless of their desired intentions toward China, the result has nevertheless been to China’s advantage.”

He adds that US-led sanctions will inevitably hinder Europe’s post-2008 economic recovery, and that if allowed to continue will push major European economies like Germany and France toward increased economic cooperation with China.

He also writes that in the bizarre hypothetical situation in which the United States and Russia drop their differences and work together, Russia would be strengthened and the position of China would weaken.

For now, the author claims, the U.S. is forcing Russia to turn to China for its economy. The United States, in short, is in the process of eventually alienating many of her friends.

This, the author predicts, will place China at equal footing with the United States economically and militarily in ten years’ time.

He then lists six major policy objectives he believes would be beneficial to China, given this opportunity:

  1. Pressure Russia to cede territory for a period of no less than ninety-nine years, which would allow China to build up trading ports—and eventually naval bases, to its Northeast. Such ports, the author claims, would give China a substantial advantage in an eventual war with Japan.

  2. Take back Taiwan, which would remove America’s strategical military advantage, end China’s present woes in the South China Sea, and be remembered for a thousand years.

  3. Destroying India’s hope of becoming a great power, and breaking its status as a unified nation.

  4. Increasing economic, social, political and military ties with Burma to gain a geographical advantage over India.

  5. Stabilize the South China Sea, and ensure that neighboring states such as Vietnam and the Philippines recognize Chinese superiority.

  6. Increase ties with Iran, and never allow it to be subjected to American dominance.

Because of shortsighted elites and political culture war, the America has hamstrung its future dominance over the globe.

They have done this by prolonging a tired antagonism with Russia, which might appear to stumble, but is not in any position to fall.

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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