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China Would Really Appreciate It If the US Could Stop Flying Bombers Near North Korea

China urges US to use common sense during a joint exercise with South Korea's air force

China's Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang has politely asked the US to refrain from needlessly provocative displays of force targeting a grumpy nuclear power, according to Reuters. 

On Monday, two US B-1 bombers conducted a joint drill with South Korea and Japan's air forces over the Korean Peninsula. 

<figcaption>Thanks for stopping by. Time to go home now. </figcaption>
Thanks for stopping by. Time to go home now.

A similar 'exercise' was carried out in late April, when two B-1 bombers flew over South Korea. 

Although there have been many sensational media reports about China and Russia gearing up for inevitable war in North Korea, the reality is that Moscow and Beijing have consistently urged for all sides to use the old 'kindergarten' rule: Please keep your hands and feet to yourself.

Yes, it's difficult for many western news consumers to imagine, but China has zero interest in nuclear war in its backyard; instead Beijing is committed to the archaic idea of 'dialouge'. 

The 'crisis' in the Korean Peninsula is being manufactured in order to justify the deployment of THAAD systems to the region. It's also following the logical progression of Washington's ingenious 'Asia pivot', which will accomplish little aside from driving Russia and China closer together — possibly even into a full-fledged defensive military alliance. It's not that far away, at this point!

Please keep in mind that your television will continue to fill you with panic and dread about impending war with North Korea. Turn that garbage off and read Russia Insider instead.

P.S. — we won't be surprised at all if it is revealed in one week that the US bombers were actually flying over Hawaii. 

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