China Whips out Giant Dong Missile, Slaps It Against Russia’s Rump to Taunt Trump

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China has reportedly made a passive-aggressive homoerotic overture to President Trump, unsheathing their brand new DF-41 Dong Feng (“East Wind”)-41 missile, which the PRC claims can hit anywhere in the world except South America and parts of Antarctica. Fascinating.

The military industrial complex goes homo-erotic

Let me get this straight; in order to spook Trump into going soft on the import tariff and dissuade further “Currency Manipulator” rhetoric, China has decided to let the world know that they’re ready, willing, and able to go to thermonuclear warwith their Dong to preserve their human-rights violating grip on global manufacturing? Except there won’t be any customers, and any survivors will be left sifting through the fallout

The People’s Liberation Army has deployed its newest intercontinental ballistic missile to Heilongjiang Province. The article cited eyewitness photos culled from Chinese social media by news media in Taiwan and Hong Kong. The photos showed heavy missile launchers, also known as transporter/erector/launchers (TELs) moving through Daqing City in Heilongjiang.

The DF-41 is described by Global Times as the most advanced ICBM in the world. It reportedly has a range of 8,699 miles, enough to hit any target on Earth with the exception of South America and parts of Antarctica. It can carry up to 12 nuclear warheads, and travels on China’s nationwide network of roads to make it difficult to track down and destroy. –Popular Mechanics

This comes on the heels of Russia unveiling their very masculine Satan2 ICBM last October, so perhaps this is nothing more than civilization-ending weapon envy?

I would love to hear what Mad Dog Mattis thinks about all of this…

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