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China Says Ready to Take Part in Russia-Led Syrian Peace Talks

China strongly supports Russia's efforts in Astana, is "ready to contribute actively to that process"

Beijing recognizes the challenges of the Astana negotiations on Syria and is ready to actively contribute to advancing the talks, Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Hua Chunying said at Friday’s regular briefing.


"The goal of the talks in Astana is to end the bloodshed in Syria. It is an important framework along with the consultations in Geneva. China still believes that the Syrian issue should be solved only through political methods - this is the only realistic solution to the situation in the country", she noted.

"We hope that another round of talks in Astana will generate positive results. China supports any political methods that can lead to a way out of the crisis in Syria. For our part, we are ready to contribute actively to that process," the diplomat stressed.

The international conference on Syria will end on Friday in Astana. Before the wrap-up of the plenary meeting, participants will have bilateral consultations.

Earlier during the talks, China, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, and Lebanon were mentioned as possible observer countries for the next round of negotiations scheduled for October.

Source: TASS

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