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Russian Official: Time for Russia to Fight Back in the Info War

The US has been waging a 'hybrid war' on Russia for some time, and Russia requires an effective response 

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For ten years Russia has been living in the context of a “hybrid war”, plotted by the US and its allies, says the head of the Russian Investigative Committee, Alexander Bastrykin. He emphasized that this war is being waged on the levels of politics, economics and media, as well as on the level of law. Recent years have shown, that this approach has reached a qualitatively new phase of open confrontation. Therefore, Russia needs a “tough and symmetrical response” on it.

Furthermore, Bastrykin also accuses the West of putting Russia under pressure through so called “currency wars”. He believes the US crushed the national currencies of emerging markets by manipulating the dollar. To protect oneself from such impacts one should tighten the controls over the cross-border movements of the capital.

Alexader Bastrykin also points out the rise of expenses in the US program for development of democracy in Russia’s neighbouring states. He is certain, that “informational and ideological weapons” are going to be used to incite anti-Russian moods, are being employed to similar effect.

The Chief of the Russian Investigative Committee stated that before the parliamentary elections on September 18th Russia should create effective countermeasures against the media war:

„It is high time to oppose this informational war. We need a tough, adequate and symmetrical answer. This is going to be extremely relevent in the context of the forthcoming elections and in the background of possible activities that will be aimed at destablizing the political balance of power”.

Aside from media campaigns, in the opinion of Bastrykin, now even international law is being used as an instrument of “hybrid war” against Russia more and more frequently. As an example he cites the Dutch investigation of the MH17-crash in Donbass, the judgements of the “YUKOS”-case (Russian oil and gas company), the former FSB-employee (Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation) Alexander Litvinenko, as well as the judgements against Russian citizens Victor Bout and Constantine Yaroshenko, imprisoned in the US:

“Unfortunately, international law and justice more and more often is becoming a weapon in this war. Illustrative examples are the resolutions in the “YUKOS”-case, the case of the murdered former FSB-employee Alexander Litvinenko, the report of the Dutch Security Council on the causes of the Malaysian Boeing MH17-crash, the FBI-verifications of Russian and Qatar claims to conduct the football world cup 2018 and 2022 in their countries, and also the abduction and transportation to the USA of our citizens Victor Bout and Constantine Yaroshenko who have been condemned to long prison terms”.

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Source: RT Deutsch
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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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