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Prodigal Chechen ISIS Terrorists Come to Their Senses and Return Home (Video)

The most remarkable thing is the welcome they receive from Chechen president Ramzan Kadyrov

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Some of the men in this video were lured by ISIS propaganda, others couldn’t stop fighting after the end of the Chechen War. Anyway, they went to fight in Syria.

Now they’re back, disillusioned with the radical Islamist cause, or shocked by the atrocities they saw, or persuaded by compatriots who risked their lives to infiltrate ISIS. In Chechnya some serve (reduced) sentences, others were released on parole. Ramzan Kadyrov trusts them when they say they only want to live in peace.

Dozens return, but thousands are still there, a breeding ground for terrorism in Europe.

Here’s what Ramzan Kadyrov told the famous Russian writer, editor of the weekly Zavtra Alexander Prokhanov, who went to Chechnya this month:

Many Chechens were born or will be born in Europe. People moved there in 2000, they were having children and by age fifteen, according to Chechen tradition: they give you a dagger and a cap and you became a man. These people are convinced that Chechnya is in chaos, with Russians killing and corrupting. How can we tell them the truth?  

Many Chechens who left for Turkey want to come back. We brought back some of them, gave them apartments, because they had sold everything, thinking that there would be no future in Chechnya. But there are about 200,000 of them out there, 70,000-80,000 of them in Austria alone.  They’re also in Poland, Germany, France and across Europe.

Thousands of Chechens living in Europe joined the Syrian militias. Years ago I asked why European special services were giving them weapons. People who are on our federal wanted list were sent to NATO bases for training. Some were formed into battalions in the Ukraine, one was named after Dzhokhar Dudayev.  And who is fighting the Syrian Army today? Chechens.

I appealed to Muslims in the Middle East:  “What are you doing? This is a  fratricidal war. America is using you while they bomb your people. By backing them, you are killing our women and children. 

Let your people go home. It’s you who control them now. Later it will be too late. New commanders don’t relate to each other, and if one is killed, another takes his place.  These dangerous, well-trained people can be sent to Russia or other countries to fight.  

They talk convincingly about the Koran, preying on the ignorant, convincing them that it’s Allah who is speaking.  But Allah treats every person the same, whether Muslim, Christian, or Jew. 

Source: Zavtra
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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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