Charlie Rose Gains Emmy Nomination for Vladimir Putin Interview

A Charlie Rose by any other name would smell as sweet

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On Thursday 21 July 2016 longtime newscaster Charlie Rose was nominated for an Emmy award as the correspondent for Outstanding Interview with Vladimir Putin.  Rose conducted a 100 minute conversation with President Putin at the official residence of the President of Russia outside of Moscow.  The subject interview was broadcast in the United States of American on the evening of 27 September 2015 on the CBS news magazine television program 60 Minutes.  In addition to the CBS broadcast, the full interview (in two parts) can be found on the Charlie Rose  website here and here. Multiple important topics of interest including Syria, terrorism, and Russia‘s place in the world were addressed in the interview.

Also on Thursday, Charlie Rose was named the winner of the Paul White Award by the Radio Television Digital News Association for his lifetime of achievement and service to the profession of electronic journalism. Past award recipients have included such distinguished American broadcast journalists as Edward R. Murrow, Walter Cronkite, Barbara Walters and Ed Bradley.

Charlie Rose is well known and highly respected for more than four decades of work in the field of journalism.  In addition to his reporting associated with 60 Minutes, he is recognized for his face-to-face televised interview show entitled Charlie Rose distributed nationally via PBS and internationally via Bloomberg Television and he currently serves as one of the co-anchors of CBS This Morning.

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