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Charles Krauthammer Was Invaluable in Getting NATO to Adopt War Crimes as War Strategy in 1999 Bombing of Yugoslavia

And now he's dead. He'll never be able to call for more and larger civilian massacres again

Used his perch at the supposedly highly respectable Washington Post to call for NATO to kill more civilians

During the 1999 NATO bombing of Yugoslavia which purposefully targeted civilian infrastructure and purposefully killed 2,000 civilians Charles Krauthammer was an early advocate and promoter of killing civilians:

Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer (4/8/99) criticized the “excruciating selectivity” of NATO’s bombing raids and applauded the fact that “finally they are hitting targets–power plants, fuel depots, bridges, airports, television transmitters–that may indeed kill the enemy and civilians nearby.

During the course of the 3-month campaign against Yugoslavia which was supposed to initially last only 3 days NATO gradually shifted to a stance where it welcomed, and aimed to cause, a certain level of civilian deaths as a way to pressure the populace to call for capitulation.

Krauthammer at The Washington Post and Thomas Friedman at The New York Times (“Twelve days of surgical bombing was never going to turn Serbia around. Let’s see what 12 weeks of less than surgical bombing does.”) used their positions to help normalize the idea of NATO adopting war crimes as strategy of war in the public space, thus allowing the warmakers to move there. 

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He’ll never be able to do that again.

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