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Canada Lands a Lead Role in the Scripted War on Terror

A mythical sniper bullet has brought the Canadian military to the forefront of a combat operation their government had formally forbid in 2016

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Out of the blue, a sniper's fifty caliber $2.20 bullet strikes and kills an insurgent. 

Chalk up another ISIS fighter removed from the Iraqi theater of operations. Of course, the details, location, names and any real confirmation of who the target was will forever remain a secret.

But this distance kill was different: the bullet's flight began over two miles away—a new record made by an elite member of Canada’s Joint Task Force 2.

The media in Canada went into overdrive enshrining this achievement into the pages of time. The print media featured illustrations; interview from former snipers; commentaries of Canada’s place in the world beyond her own borders promoting peace and stability.

Many quickly pointed out this operation could have been completed by the overly efficient ordnance carried aloft by America's loitering, remotely-piloted drones. Perhaps the usual disregard for collateral damage and unintentional deaths of others was overturned? Maybe this act of superhuman Canadian skill was the result of a new, low budget way to "fight terror"? Certainly the cost of a drone missile was in stark contrast to the two dollar bullet.

At any rate, this mythical sniper bullet has brought the Canadian military to the forefront of a combat operation their government had formally forbid in 2016. "No boots on the ground” they said; “Training missions” only they said—and that slight grey area of “painting targets for Coalition air strikes”. Certainly the “no frontline combat” has been circumvented by airstrikes and snipers.

At one time—in the not-too-distant past—the Canadian military enjoyed a reputation as “Ambassadors of Peace”.

Unfortunately, the Canadian government starting with the former pro-right Prime Minister Stephan Harper and current leader Justin Trudeau have embraced the American model of global economic and militaristic expansion to secure corporate interests beyond their shores.

Prior to the American lie of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, were there insurgents threatening the Canadian, American or British way of life? Of course not. What about the American invasion of Afghanistan? How does this endless occupation further Canadian interests?

So we have an alleged Canadian sniper who did his duty (illegally) under Canadian law, showing Canadians that they too can partake in the curb-stomping of brown people in faraway lands. Welcome to the party?

Of course, like so many of the West's heroics in the Middle East, we'll never be presented with any evidence that any of this ever happened. Regardless, the story has served its intended purpose. 

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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