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Can Hillary Imagine the Global Nuclear Winter a First Strike on Russia Would Bring?

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

The author is a licensed clinical psychologist, who lives and practices in New York City.  Exclusively for Russia Insider.  

He may be contacted at: [email protected]

<figcaption>An “untouched” American city  In nuclear winter</figcaption>
An “untouched” American city In nuclear winter

Of course, not.  No more than she was able to think beyond the moment of her own Satanic triumph when she learned on air that Gaddafi had just been raped to death with a bayonet by her loyal terrorists and proclaimed:  "We came.  We saw.  He DIED.

The way she laughs so demonically.  Does she not seem possessed?  

Hillary doesn't care what death and destruction and immense human suffering may result from her terrorists' actions.  She thinks only of how big is her bayonet.

Hail, Caesar.

How she longs to touch "her" Red Button.  What a surge she would feel.

When J. Robert Oppenheimer, the father of the atom bomb, saw the first atom bomb explode, he reports having said  to himself in the words of the Bhagavad-Gita:

"Now I am become Death--the Destroyer of Worlds."

And that was just one 15-kiloton bomb.  Think of what it would feel like to touch that throbbing Red Button NOW and fire off thousands of 10-megaton bombs.

For that is what would be required to take out all--or nearly all--of Russia's retaliatory strategic nuclear missiles.  And all of her cities and industries as well.  At a cost of maybe "just" a few American cities, as First Strikers claim.

Wouldn't the price be worth it, as Madeleine Albright would say?  What man in the White House has ever done such a ballsy thing?  But Hillary sure has the cojones.  Why else does she always wears pants?

Russia would be in chaos.  But in Hillary's demonic mind, that would be just fine.  For as Pepe Escobar incisively says, ours is the Empire of Chaos.  And she would be The Queen of Chaos.  Over Russia.  The US.  The world..

But then as prophetic black voices warn us:

"What goes around comes around."

Like those pitch-black radioactive acid clouds from all those nuked Russian cities that would wrap around the globe like a shroud, blotting out the sun, in a 10-year nuclear winter--even if no American cities are hit--till 90% of all species, including our own, become extinct.

Hillary is too demonically drawn to touch "her" Red Button to imagine these things.  

Putin foresees a nuclear winter

Whereas Putin talks about the dangers of nuclear war all the time.  And in the strongest possible terms..  He knows how badly things can go wrong.  As they did for Napoleon and Hitler in Russia.  As they did for the Soviet Union in Afghanistan.  As they did for the US in Iraq and Vietnam.  And as they have for himself in his own life countless times.  Even as he tells voters in his campaign autobiography for the 2000 Presidential election, First Person.  Which he subtitles: An Astonishingly Frank Self-Portrait by Russia's President.  And it is "astonishingly frank" for a campaign autobiography to help Putin achieve his first elected term as President of Russia after being appointed to the Presidency by Yeltsin.

True, by 18 "Volodya" Putin (as his friends and family call him) was already quite the stud, as we see in this rare photo from Vera Gurevich's biography on the right.  By 24, in fact, he had won the Judo Championship of Leningrad.  And from there he went on to earn an eighth degree red-and-white-belt dan in Judo--making him the highest ranked sensei (Judo Grand Master) and athlete among world leaders today.  And to become President of Russia 3 times and counting too.  That's quite an impressive record in 2 highly competitive areas of life.

But then look at Vladimir Vladimirovich (the second name always indicating father's first name) with his father, Vladimir Spiridonovich Putin on the left there, back when Volodya was 12.  So sickly and frail--with matchstick arms and a sunken chest, after 2 long hospitalizations from bacterial meningitis (according to his "second mother," Vera Gurevich), as diagnosed by spinal taps each time.  It really kicked the shit out of little Volodya.  And it shows.


That, of course, is something no politician would tell voters right before an election.  But with astonishing frankness, he does tell the story in First Person of how this small, frail boy chased a big rat into a corner--only to have the cornered rat suddenly leap at his face and chase him all the way down a long flight of stairs till Volodya finally found an open door that he was able slam shut behind him.  Phew!

"And there," he concludes:

"I got a quick and lasting lesson in the meaning of the word cornered."

What a thing to tell voters.  On the eve of his first election.  To the Presidency of Russia no less.  Lucky thing the Russian Federation Election Commission ruled that First Person constituted illegal "electioneering" and banned the book's sale till after the election.  Can you believe that Putin really thought that voters would be more inclined to vote for him if they had this "self-portrait" of their President being chased down the stairs by a teeny, tiny rat in mind?

Yes, I can.  And he would have been right.  For Russians love humor.  And they also love humility.  And they especially love a good man with a good story which combines humor and humility as Putin does here with this honest, endearing story which says to Russian voters that Putin des NOT to be above them, but is rather ONE OF THEM.  And like them he makes mistakes.  So many mistakes.  In contrast to the sinful vanity of American campaign-for-President autobiographies that admit no mistakes, Putin's "self-portrait" is chuck full of very humanizing mistakes.  From his foolish way of proposing.  To advising a friend to take a Judo class--only to have his friend break his neck and die.  To Putin almost turning over the small car he's driving while reaching out for a fistful of sweet-smelling hay from a hay truck he's passing on a steep mountain curve.  To this Christ-like parable of what may happen if you corner someone seemingly weaker than yourself.  Be it a creature or a country--like Iraq or Afghanistan.  It takes guts to tell that parable.

But then Putin does not aspire to be a superior individual, as does a Hillary or a Hitler.  On the contrary, he wants to show that he is NOT above the people, but rather one OF the people.  And one WITH the people.  The down-to-earth Russian people.  And a humble man of faith.    


And nowhere is he more that humble man of faith, following in the footsteps of Christ, than in his kneeling down to talk to a tired, frightened boy who does not understand why it is seen as disrespectful to Christ for him to sit down during a 4-hour (standing-only) Orthodox service (no pews in an Orthodox Church), and why his own white-sweatered mother won't speak to him either.  Whereas Putin will.  And through Putin Christ will too.  

All of which tells me that Putin is too caring a man to cast the first stone or fire the first salvo of strategic nuclear missiles that would destroy us all.

Hillary, by contrast, is full of Satanic pride which she touts as her personal exceptionalism over all others, as clearly proclaimed in her acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention.  In her proud mind, she is the most exceptional candidate of the most exceptional nation.  And in a way she's right.  For what could be more exceptional than a woman with the demonic cojones to wipe out the whole world just to show she has them? 

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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