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Butcher Poroshenko Feeds Donbass Death Mill, Desperately Clinging to Power

The Ukrainian president is sacrificing the blood of more of his own people for money and power

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

Another year - another wave of innocent people blown to bits by the genocidal thug regime running Ukraine. President Petro Poroshenko - whose popularity with his own people has tanked to a level lower than the previous president (who was overthrown) - is using ages old technique to cling to power: rallying the nation against a foreign enemy.

Rossiya 1's Dimitri Kiselyov reports on how the Ukrainian regime has become a master at manufacturing an alternate reality to sell to its own people and the world:

Video transcript:

Ukraine is the hottest spot in Europe right now.  The civil war has flared up - with many casualties.  Ukrainian army units and nationalist battalions are attacking the positions of the breakaway Donetsk and Lugansk republics.

The attackers are proud of a military tactic they invented which they call ‘make the toad hop’.  This is where they force their men to leave their trenches and foxholes and attack, to move forward just a little bit.  These troops then have to dig in in open fields, causing huge casualties.

Militarily, this tactic makes no sense, but the offensive is on, and casualties are high, - all this cynically serves Poroshenko’s goals - to get more money, to manipulate America, and to pressure his domestic opposition.

This are precisely the three motives which Putin named at his press conference in Hungary.  Here is why the ‘toad’ is ‘hopping’..

“The first reason is that the Ukrainian government needs money, which is easier to extort from the EU and the US if posing as the victim.”

‘Extortion’ - that was the word Putin used.  That is exactly what Poroshenko is doing.  The more frozen corpses of his troops, the more he can feign neediness, begging for handouts and more loans.

“Second - during the US presidential elections, the Ukrainian government openly supported one of the candidates.  What’s more, several oligarchs supported that candidate financially, probably with the approval of the government.  Now they have to improve their relationship with the new US administration, and they are trying to do that by creating conflict and dragging the US into it, thereby forcing some kind of dialog.”

Ukraine’s interference in the US elections, in cooperation with US intelligence agencies, is a very big deal, a potential ‘Watergate’.

“The third reason is internal politics.  The Ukrainian opposition has become emboldened by the failure of the government’s economic and domestic policies.  The government is trying whip up popular support - which is easier to do if there is some kind of conflict to point to.”

Indeed, the Kiev regime has absolutely zero to show for itself, so its lies have to be even more brazen: The Russian army is attacking us!  They’re killing us!

Presenting an ‘alternative reality’ to the world has become a cottage industry in the Ukraine.  Recently, the Ukraine released the logo for the ‘Eurovision’ song contest.  It’s a necklace made of beads, all of which look different - with the words: ‘Respect Diversity’.  This is pure hypocrisy when at the same time they forbid the import of Russian books, repress the Russian language any way they can, and use military force to attack those who do not agree with the coup d’etat in Kiev.  They are the ones causing war.

“Another thought - I think the Ukrainian government has no intention of implementing the Minsk accords, and is looking for an excuse not to implement them, and stoking war would serve this purpose.  I truly hope that the more level-headed factions in the Ukraine, and everyone who wants a political resolution to this issue, will not allow a worst-case situation develop, and will, on the contrary, do everything they can to implement the Minsk accords.”

Unfortunately, ‘level-headed factions’ don’t have much influence in Kiev.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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