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Busted! Will Ukraine's Jamala Be Stripped of Her Eurovision Crown? (Video)

Don’t hold your breath, as the contest appears to be more about politics than singing

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Well, well, well, the politicization of this European cultural (sic) event becomes more apparent by the day.

Basically a cheat

Lest you were still disposed to viewing the Eurovision song contest as a harmless if kitsch singing competition, the recent revelations concerning Jamala’s winning entry will further confirm the political nature of the contest.

Ukraine’s Jamala appears to have breached a number of Eurovision’s main rules.

But regardless, it seems unlikely that she will face any consequences for it, as the song serves the invaluable purpose of blackening the image of Russia, recalling as it does Stalin’s mistreatment of the Crimean Tatars and suggesting parallels with Ukraine’s recent history.

And never mind the financial cost of penniless Ukraine hosting an event that costs tens of millions - the Russia-bashing show must go on!

Alas, such is politics.

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