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BUSTED! Russian Spies Caught Infiltrating Alex Jones' Inner Circle (Video)

That Russian 'scum' as Keith Olbermann likes to call them, up to their dirty tricks again

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This revelation is sure to cause a major diplomatic row, possibly even a military response.

Hacking Hillary's dirty underwear is one thing, but when those damn Russkies actually send their agents to Austin to subvert America's favorite anchorman, that's when Americans put their foot down.

<figcaption>Putin just made a huge mistake</figcaption>
Putin just made a huge mistake

C'mon Lindsey Graham, now you and your boyfriend John McCain have everything you need to go kick some Russian butt!

Hillary was right, they got to Jones months ago.

Just wait Russia - as they say in Austin - 'Don't Mess with Texas!'


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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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