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Bulgaria Closes Airspace to Russian Syria-Bound Humanitarian Aid

  • No doubt the US requested this as it did in the case of Greece
  • Russians are not amused, but they're saying they're not using Bulgaria airspace anyway

SOFIA, September 8 (TASS) - Bulgaria has closed its airspace to Russian cargo planes with relief aid for Syria. The Bulgarian Foreign Ministry has confirmed earlier reports by Greek mass media to this effect.

"A corresponding notification was sent in response to Russia’s request last weekend," Bulgarian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Betina Zhoteva told TASS.

"We denied permission to let Russian military-transport planes cross Bulgarian territory because on the basis of the available information we have reasonable doubts the cargoes are not the declared ones. The Bulgarian Foreign Ministry made that decision of its own accord," Zhoteva said.

Greece earlier received a request from the United States to close its air space for Russian aircraft making flights to Syria with humanitarian cargoes.

On Monday, Russian president’s press secretary Dmitry Peskov it was too early provide any comment on the United States’ request to Greece to close its air space for Russian aircraft making humanitarian flights to Syria.

"There was a corresponding statement by our Greek partners who said they were considering this request," the Kremlin spokesman said. "It is too early to speak about that until we have any reaction."

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