British PM Renounces Regime Change, Says UK Will Stop Trying to 'Remake the World'

It seems more and more as though the New World Order is disintegrating before our eyes

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Somebody pinch me. 

British PM Theresa May addressing US GOP leaders in Philadelphia

The world just keeps getting more and more like an alternative reality come to life. British Prime Minister Theresa May, addressing a gathering of US Republican Party leaders in Philadelphia yesterday, publicly joined the Trump administration's position on regime change operations. 

From the Telegraph:

Britain and America will never again invade foreign countries “in an attempt to make the world in their own image”, Theresa May has said in the biggest shift in UK foreign policy for more than 20 years.

Addressing US Republican politicians in Philadelphia, the Prime Minister pledged not to repeat the “failed policies of the past” in a clear reference to the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan by Tony Blair and George W Bush.

Her comments are a repudiation of the doctrine of “liberal intervention” set out by Mr Blair in a speech in Chicago in 1999.

Nevermind 20 years - this marks the abandonment of British policy of the last 200 years.

As Donald Trump's inauguration approached, the British government had made statements contrasting with the new American president's apparent disdain for globalization and NATO, but with Britain soon to leave the EU and Trump now firmly ensconced in the White House, Ms. May apparently found it expedient to make nice-nice with Britain's closest ally.

Ms. May's sudden attack of good conscience evidently did not encompass totally Trump's new friendlier attitude toward Russia, since the PM found time to condemn Russia's "aggression" as well as Iran.

Nevertheless, May offered a consolation prize to Trump in saying that new relations with Russia might yet be possible: 

"There is nothing inevitable about conflict between Russia and the West. And nothing unavoidable about retreating to the days of the Cold War. But we should engage with Russia from a position of strength."

Britain decades ago ceased to be a independent world power. Ultimately it seems, where America goes, Britain must follow. 

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