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'Britain Will Be Ready for War Against Russia in Two Years' -- UK Defence Boss Michael Fallon

UK Minister of Defense believes by 2018 or 2019 the British NATO Army can go against the Russians

BRITISH defence chiefs have squared up to the "challenge" of Vladimir Putin – promising we will be ready for war against Russia in two years.

UK forces will be ready for a collision course with the Motherland in a showdown of all showdowns, Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon announced.

NATO is "waking up to the challenge" of rising aggression and belligerence from Putin's resurgent Russia, he added.

It comes after Admiral Lord West warned Daily Star Online "war is coming and Britain is not ready".

Fallon was speaking two weeks after Putin's battle fleet stalked past the White Cliffs of Dover and just days after Navy bosses revealed three Russian submarines were lingering off Britain.

He promised the UK – along with NATO – would be ready to confront Russia as relations plunge between the West and the Kremlin.

Experts warned relations between Russia and the West were now "more dangerous than the Cold War".

He told the Defence Select Committee: "We have seen much greater Russian aggression this year, and in previous years, in terms of long-range aviation, in terms of submarine activity, and the carrier task group that sailed through our waters, the role of Russia in Syria and elsewhere."

Sir Michael was asked whether Britain would have the capability for war with Russia in 2018 or 2019.

He replied: "Yes, we would be ready to increase the tempo in that kind of situation, which I don’t immediately foresee.

“And, of course, we will not be doing this on our own.

“We will be doing this as an active member of Nato, and presumably in some kind of Nato scenario.”

NATO announced last week they would sending their largest deployment of military forces to Eastern Europe since the Cold War.

At least 800 Brit troops are being sent to Estonia in a bid to scare off Putin amid fears Russia could try to make a grab for the states in the Baltic.

Invasion survival guides have been issued to people in Lithuania amid the rising fears of a Russian invasion.

Meanwhile, Putin's war fleet is set to arrive in the Mediterranean in a bid to launch an final attack to end the Syrian Civil War.

Politicans warned tensions between the US and Russia over the war-torn nation could boil over into a "global war".

Last week, Russia unveiled images of their new super-nuke the Satan 2 amid fears Putin's attack could wipe out the East Coast of the US on the dawn of World War 3.

Source: Daily Star
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