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Britain out, Trump in!

Russia is in a better position to acquire many new friends in Europe.

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

On the eve of the great event, “Wilileaks” published secret documents showing that European integration is an American means of control.

For Russia, the EU proved to be a dangerous adversary as sanctions were imposed on countries that didn’t want them. The EU pushed Greece over the edge, and unemployment surged in Spain. It failed to prevent an endless stream of refugees pouring into Europe from countries devastated by American bombings.

A huge role was played by the Eastern European countries – the former Soviet satellites that replaced Moscow with Washington. Through the EU, US corporations are trying to get the Eastern European countries into the Transatlantic partnership -  the union of corporations against people.

If one referendum didn’t pass, another one was conducted. A unified MSM  and “the masters’ voice” stigmatized all EU opponents as racists, homophobes, and friends of “Moscow’s bloody regime”. It seemed that everything was over.

Greece was the first to try to get rid of the EU’s suffocating embrace, but failed as a result of a shameful capitulation. The second attempt – by the UK – seemed doomed to fail. Even bloggers agreed with the mainstream media that the referendum would leave Britain in the EU.

They said that after MP Joe Cox's murder and the campaigns connecting the murder to a referendum, people would vote against Brexit. If that were not enough, George Soros promised that the Brits would become very poor after the exit, as did the City of London -  the world’s second  financial center after Wall St.

The City voted against, but the people voted for the exit.

This event cannot be overestimated as a sign of the new revolutionary wave in the West, the revolution against an international cosmopolitan, anti-democratic financial establishment. No wonder Donald Trump congratulated the British, saying the UK had regained control over its country and calling the results of the vote “ fantastic”.

Donald Trump's chances are now increasing. Media forecasts were as hollow as husks. Hired scribblers were sure that Brexit would not win, and Mrs. Clinton would. What is that confidence worth now?

If yesterday, Russia and its president seemed to be surrounded by Anakonda's rings (coincidentally, the name of plans for Russia's strangulation via NATO's military maneuvers just held in Poland), today we see a breakthrough. The heart of Anakonda has been wounded.

The "creative" and sexual minorities, invested by banks, thought there was no need to respect the masses. They blundered. Turns out it’s too early to write the Europeans off: they sympathize with Russia and don’t like the bankers.

It’s wonderful that on that day for the first time after long cold rains, the sun was shining in England. The Midsummer festival, Summer Solstice holiday, - celebrated in Scandinavia – turned out to be a really special day. Following the British, France, Sweden and other European countries can become free. And instead of a united rival, Russia can acquire a lot of friends.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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