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Brexit Pushes Germany Towards a ‘Smaller Europe’

But meanwhile Brussels will do its utmost not to let the UK go.

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

The author is director of the Russian Institute of Strategic Studies (RISS), a government funded think tank.

We should consider the referendum held in Great Britain first of all from the point of view of what exactly is going on in the European Union. How much is this organization united, how much aspiration is there to develop it?

The EU was practically designed as a united European state. NO. And now the Eurosсeptics have won in Great Britain! This is a troubling sign for Brussels - not just a troubling one, but a battle call for the leaders of the European Union.   

The thing is that today, the Eurosсeptics have grown in almost every country in Western Europe. They organize massive campaigns, become popular, are elected to parliament. And this movement will only become stronger as the economic crisis grows.  

Let’s take the sanctions. They provoke various reactions. France and Italy try to put the brakes on them, or even cancel them. Most importantly, many countries want to get rid of the dictate of Brussels — and the US, of course. But first of all, Brussels, the EU bureaucracy.

Germany has been (and continues to be) the locomotive of the European Union; 3 or 4 years ago it discussed the reformation of the European Union, to include only the  most developed Western European countries, getting rid of the others, that are pulling them down.

I think these ideas will now be revived.

There is also huge disappointment with the EU in Eastern Europe. For example, in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, many are saying that the European Union didn’t bring them anything, and they should search for some other way. Besides, the British action made the former CIS countries ask: “What actually are we striving for? What can we have in a disintegrating Europe?”

If we assume that Great Britain will actually exit from the European Union, Germany will shoulder the crushing burden of ultimate leader, the only locomotive. And those ideas, which appeared a few years ago when the Greek crisis began, will reappear, to reinvent the European Union into an "old European Union", "a small European Union" and so on. Otherwise, Germany would be overstretched.

I believe that Brussels will do its best to prolong the process of Great Britain’s exit from the EU.…

Source: TV Tsargrad
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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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