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BREAKING: Zuckerberg Seems to be Announcing Harsh Anti-Russian Censorship Measures ...

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

He was live with this exactly one hour ago. We haven't even finished watching the 8 minute video, but we thought you should know about it.

Our initial impression a few minutes into it is that this guy seems very uptight and nervous for someone supposedly so 'accomplished'. Whatever could be the reason why.

<figcaption>One spooky dude ...</figcaption>
One spooky dude ...

It's almost like someone is standing screen left pointing a gun at him or something. Def a hostage video feeling about it ...

Russia Insider editor Charles Bausman made this comment under the video ...

Update #2 from Charles Bausman:

Hmmm my update #1 seems to have been on target, fans are writing in telling me my comment is blocked on iphones, although I can still see it on my android phone, and on this page, but it isnt clickable.

Well, good thing I took a screen shot - we'll just keep it here in case the original does go down ...  Now read my update below - folks we have to do something about these people - who asked them to tell us what we can and cannot think?

I wonder if 'moron' was politically insensitive to, well - morons? -, like Zuckerberg? Geez that guy is cucky.


Update #1 from Charles Bausman:

We've been sounding the alarm at Russia Insider about this encroaching censorship - which is very, very real. Out videos get blocked on YT, Google artificially lowers our searches and won't include us in 'Google News', we are shadow-banned on Twitter.

The need to regulate and rein-in these modern day robber-barons is well upon us, and RI is going to be making this a major theme going into the Fall season.

If you haven't yet, please support our Fall fund drive - when the truth is on your side, it really doesn't take much resources to expose these people for what they are.

We already have them on the run - that is why they are pulling these moves. As long as we hold firm, this will not save them!

Thank you for your support!!

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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