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BREAKING: Iran Fires Ballistic Missiles at ISIS in Syria's East

Retaliation for Tehran terrorist attacks on June 7

Iran has launched ground-to-ground missiles at ISIS targets in Syria's Deir ez-Zor province. Iran says this is in retaliation for ISIS' terrorist attack in Tehran on June 7. Missiles were fired from Revolutionary Guards siloses in north-western Iran so that they traversed Iraqi airspace before hitting in Syria. Baghdad and Damascus doubtlessly consented to the strikes.


Reportedly the target of the strike was an ISIS headquarters in Al-Mayadin -- one of the last remaining large population centers in the Euphrates valley in ISIS' hands.

The missiles traveled some 600 kilometres to reach their target. Doubtlessly the strike also serves as a reminder to regional powers and the US, whom Iran accuses of sponsoring terrorism against it, that Iran also possesses some long-range muscle of its own.

UPDATE -- Iran has now also released footage of missiles striking their target which has been identified as the former Baath Party HQ in al-Mayadin.. The footage was captured by Iranian surveillance drones.

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