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BREAKING: India Bombs Pakistan in Retaliation for Uri Terror Attack

The "surgical strikes" have been described as India's "answer" to the recent terrorist attack in Uri

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It seems that India has "responded" to the Uri terrorist attack, which New Delhi says was perpetrated by Pakistani-trained terrorists.

The Indian Express has the details:

<figcaption>Lt Gen Ranbir Singh addressing the media</figcaption>
Lt Gen Ranbir Singh addressing the media

India conducted surgical strikes last night along the [Line of Control] to safeguard our nation, the Defence Ministry said on Thursday. “Significant casualties have been caused to terrorists and those trying to shield them. We don’t have a plan to further conduct such strikes. India has spoken to Pakistan,” DGMO Lt Gen Ranbir Singh said.

“… Now, based on very specific and credible information we received yesterday, that some terrorist teams had positioned themselves at launch pads along the LoC with an aim to carry out infiltration and terrorist strikes in J&K and various other metros in our country. There were launch pads at the LoC where terrorists were present waiting to infiltrate the nation and attack areas in Kashmir and metros across the country,” the DGMO said. No Indian casualties occurred during the surgical strikes that were carried out last night by the Indian Army.

Meanwhile, two Pakistani soldiers were reported killed as Indian and Pakistani troops exchanged fire over the Line of Control in Azad Jammu and Kashmir.

It's still unclear how — or if — Pakistan will respond.

Tensions between India and Pakistan are nothing new. But the latest string of cross-border violence could have repercussions in the international arena. For Moscow, the Uri attack (and the "surgical strikes") probably couldn't come at a worse time: Its joint military exercises with Pakistan have infuriated India, a BRICS nation and key partner in the region.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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