BUSTED: Top Syria War Lobbyist in DC Has Account on Prostitution Site

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Evan McCarthy Barrett, the deputy director of the Syrian Emergency Task Force — a top organization lobbying for U.S. military intervention in the bloody civil war in Syria — was found on the soft prostitution website Seeking Arrangement.

Deputy Director of the Syrian Emergency Task Force Evan Mccarthy Barrett.

Seeking Arrangement styles itself as a “sugar daddy dating” website, but is clearly intended to allow young women, particularly college students in debt, to trade sexual favors for money from wealthy men — the very definition of “prostitution.”

GotNews obtained screenshots of Barrett’s profile on Seeking Arrangement, where he uses the name “Rousseaubly”:

Several of the photographs on Barrett’s Seeking Arrangement profile match photos on his Facebook page:

Barrett is a fan of Khizr “Kinky Lick” Khan and Hillary Clinton:

Barrett hates Russia and Syrian President Bashar al-Assad:

Barrett is listed as the “Deputy Director” of the Syrian Emergency Task Force, where he focuses on “advocacy and communications.”

The Syrian Emergency Task Force has been advocating for U.S. military intervention in the bloody Syrian civil war since 2012. It has held meetings with over 66% of congress and 90% of the Senate, according to its website.

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GotNews editor-in-chief Charles C. Johnson exposed Syrian Emergency Task Force lobbyist Elizabeth O’Bagy as a fraud in 2013, noting both her non-existent PhD as well as her blatant conflict of interest advocating for the Syrian “rebels.”

Why do all the people lobbying for yet another bloody U.S. military intervention in the Middle East seem to have something to hide?

GotNews requested comment on this story from the Syrian Emergency Task Force but did not receive a reply.

Source: Gotnews
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