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Boris Nemtsov Murder Is the Next MH17

Whatever the facts of the case the west is going to squeeze out every last anti-Kremlin soundbite out of it that it can


The murder of Boris Yefimovich Nemtsov is the latest in a series of dramas involving Russia played out on the international stage. A Putin adversary, murdered with the backdrop of St. Basils, this is the stuff of Hollywood, literally.

Whoever killed Nemtsov, he or she will go down in history right along with those responsible for Malaysian flight MH17. Of this, I think we can all rest assured. Like the catastrophe that was to be Sochi 2014, in the same way a million Russian tanks have been sent to Donbass to fight Kiev’s forces, so too a midnight killer has unleashed a New York City to Sydney media frenzy. And this is how we can know who was responsible too. BBC seems all too ready to count the convenient thousands marching along the Bolshoy Moskvoretsky Bridge. Wall Street has chime in with a well prepared headline that reads; “Boris Nemtsov’s Career Traces Arc of Russia’s Dimmed Hopes for Democracy.”

Once again, in a year of never ending provocative news, we’re presented with astounding coincidence. And for the intelligent among us, this is how we can know the “direction” of the truth. Wasn't it Friedrich Nietzsche who once said;

 “I'm not upset that you lied to me, I'm upset that from now on I can't believe you.” 

We’re trapped inside daytime TV! The world is being sold soap powder to wash out the brain. News has become an opera of policy, an Orwellian talk show, a tabloid rumor to satiate the strung out news junkies. Suddenly a one of Putin’s most vehement critics, he’s been elevated to Gandhi status because of his untimely death. In the same way the Je Suis Charlie cartoonists magically morphed into epic heroes, somebody clearly wants a Russian paradigm. Like I said, the suggestion Putin had this done is not just idiotic, it’s insane. If he’s as powerful and evil as Washington officials claim, then assassinating dissidents across the street from Putin’s office seems… Well, anyone with enough money could have had Nemtzov disappear forever, let’s face it. This leaves only three possibilities as to who is behind his murder.

Murder Suspects By Multiple Choice

In the BBC or Wall Street Journal narrative, I guess we can think of Vladimir Putin like the Godfather form the famous movie. He had to make a public statement, you see? Nemtsov was such a fearsome foe, a gangland killing in front of the “Don’s” house was deemed necessary. This is the soap opera version, the one intended to perpetuate the Evil Putin doctrine of Washington and London. This is the “NATO protects us!” version.

The second version of this story involves the 142.5 million enemies Nemtsov and his fellow dissidents have made swimming against the current in Russia. I’m being generous giving the slain “agent” of change a million supporters our of the Russian population, Putin is that popular in Mother Russia, no one can deny. In this version some sub-group or unknown Nemtsov enemy from his past dealings sought revenge in the shadow of the Kremlin.

A third version of this cloak and dagger slaying involves the same people who own 90 percent of western mainstream media. The name of Nemtsov’s killers in this version could be an acronym, we know so many. The CIA, or maybe even Ukraine’s SBU equivalent could be responsible. Maybe the assailant was MI6? Could James Bond himself have sped away from the scene of Boris Nemtsov’s slaying? Let’s face it though, the killers did not have to be Israeli Mossad to get this job done for the Putin. What if a contract killer was hired, by perhaps some seen or unseen oligarch? The point is, we’re left wondering except for two critical points. Who had the most to gain, and who is making the biggest noise over the event? I think almost all Russians get this point, and I pray most people who can read elsewhere do.

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In summary, we’re continually left with an absence of evidence from leadership, and the media these days. The only fact the public really has to rely on, it seems, is the weight and unreason of the anti-Russia story. Logic, Murphy’s law, common sense tells us that something is wrong in all this. The Nemtsov killing, like the hundreds of others we’ve heard, it should set off all our alarms. Just before posting this I searched Google News for the biggest headline in the last hour. If my theory of reason is correct, the institution mentioned in a Voice of America story bears deep scrutiny, and I quote:

“U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry has called for a thorough and transparent investigation into the murder of Russian opposition politician and activist Boris Nemtsov. Former Russian chess champion and rights activist Garry Kasparov says he is shattered by the news and says it comes amid an atmosphere of propaganda and hatred aimed at opponents of President Vladimir Putin.”

Is it desperation to pull chess champions out of the closet? What if Russia called for an investigation into the JFK assassination? We are definitely in an “Oh boy!” sitcom these days. The only thing that is crystal clear is, whoever is behind all this drama will stop at nothing. And this is scary stuff indeed. 

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