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You Cry for Me Montenegro!

Yet another Slavic state betrays its centuries’ old friendship with Russia


This post first appeared on Russia Insider

The author is a famous writer now prominent in Russia as an extreme left wing activist. A volunteer who fought on the side of the Serbs in the civil war in former Yugoslavia in 1990s, he vents his anger at the Montenigrin government that has recently accepted the 'invitation' to join NATO - the same military block that had bombed their country. 

Originally appeared at his LJ blog. Translated by Svetlana Kyrzhaly and Rhod Mackenzie

<figcaption>19th century Montenigrin ruler and poet Peter Njegos adored Alexander Pushkin</figcaption>
19th century Montenigrin ruler and poet Peter Njegos adored Alexander Pushkin

NATO’s Secretary General Stoltenberg lies when he mumbles that "the accession of Montenegro to NATO doesn’t concern Russia".

It concerns us that they deliberately chose the closest people to us! To make it more painful for us.

They say, "Well, look, Russians, how easily we can take your best friends from you! How easy they betray you! As soon as we enticed them, they run happily to us!".

Montenegro is chosen because it is the self-titled long-time friend of Russia. In 1837, Pushkin's funeral was attended by the young two-meter tall Peter Njegos - a poet and head of the theocratic state of Montenegro. Even then! And he cried for Pushkin.

And now the Europeanized rulers of old Serbian freedom-loving Montenegro (now highly diluted with Albanians, by the way, especially in Podgorica - I was there in 1992 and can witness ...) will go to NATO.

What can be said here? It is a moral blow to us.

But the Montenegrins look bad in this story. They look kind of obscene.

They could live without NATO.

Peoples should have a conscience and respect traditions.


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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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