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Color Revolutions About to Boomerang on the West

There seems to be a subtext here...

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

The author is a professor at Moscow State University and a member of the academic board at the Security Council of Russia.

The technologies of ‘color revolutions’ have ceased to be the copyright of the Anglo-Saxons and could backfire. These technologies are now going to be used in Europe and the US under Islamist slogans, courtesy of migrants and Al-Qaeda and ISIS field commanders. These terrorist organizations have already divided the old Europe into vilayets – Al-Andalus and Greater Albania.

The technology of ‘color revolutions’ was ‘tested’ in Ferguson, Saint Louis and Baltimore in 2014-2015. The official reason for mass unrest was the killing of several black teenagers by police officers. The protesters gathered on the central square of Ferguson, where they organized a Maidan, quickly forming an aggressive crowd that clashed with police and the Missouri National Guard. According to witnesses, the protests had an organized character and were centrally controlled.

During the second wave of unrest, people from more than 20 US cities, including New York, Washington and Orlando, supported the protests in Ferguson and Saint Louis with rallies and demonstrations, during which protesters overturned and burnt automobiles. Coordination of the protest was also observed in Baltimore, exactly on the Ferguson pattern.  

It’s curious that the demonstrators in all these cities took to the streets simultaneously, at one and the same time, with similar banners, as if they all were manufactured at one and the same factory. Such things can only happen using the technologies of ‘color revolutions’.

In the Old World, France is located in high-risk area of ‘color revolution’. The emergency situation implemented following the Paris terror attacks on January 7 and November 13, 2015, hurt ethnic enclaves in big cities and their illegal business – drugs and arms trafficking. Now the country is experiencing mass migrant protests against the authorities and the French population, while mass protests are carried out in opposition to recent changes in labor legislation: the working week increased and employers have a right to make employees work longer hours and to fire them within 24 hours if they don’t agree.

Unrest in Paris, accompanied by clashes with the police, have been taking place since March. From 400,000 to 1,000,000 people took part in the biggest protest movements.

Under these circumstances, it is relatively easy to organize a ‘color revolution’, of which there are three possible scenarios: one backed by Middle East and African refugees and Muslim enclaves inside France; one backed by students and trade unions  against  labor reforms; a combined scenario that would use both parties against the government.

In the latter case, the government could fall, as happened in May 1968. This ‘revolution’ could start with social slogans and end up with Islamist ones. Trade unions led the Paris protests under the slogan 'Killing Boundaries! Solidarity with migrants!'

Stopping the ‘color revolution’ in France is as difficult as fighting international terror organizations. Both mass movement organizers and terrorists have support in France’s ethnic enclaves.

Russia would be able to help France since it recently broke the genetic code of the ‘color revolution’ – its technological scheme – and developed an antidote to this ‘orange plague’ of the 21st century. Europe will be unable to handle this without it.  

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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