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Blatter Resigns as FIFA President. What Happened?

Sepp Blatter steps down as FIFA president, just days after being re-elected

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It looks like the U.S.-led coup was successful after all:


Sepp Blatter has stood down as Fifa president just days after being re-elected.

Sepp Blatter was re-elected Fifa president last Friday to cap a week that had seen no fewer than 14 officials arrested from football’s governing body following a £65 million corruption probe led by the US Justice Department into alleged bribes paid over 25 years.

The conference started with Walter De Gregorio (director of communications and public affairs) addressing the gathered press that neither president Sepp Blatter, nor Domenico Scala (head of audit and compliance) would be taking questions.

Addressing the press, Blatter quickly announced his resignation as president of Fifa.

"I appreciate and love Fifa more than anything else... I only want to do the best for football," said Blatter.

He then confirmed that a new president would installed "as soon as possible", saying "a new president will be elected to follow me".

Normally we could care less. But this has all the workings of a major geo-political power play aimed at Russia. 

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