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The Big Winner of All Russia Gas to South Europe via Turkey Is Greece

It's a golden opportunity, if she'll sieze it

Alex Christoforou is our regular contributor. This article also appeared at Red Pill Times

Here is the situation. South Stream is long gone. Sorry Bulgaria, that’s what you get for putting your trust in Brussels.

Now we have Turk Stream, and Gazprom CEO Alexei Miller officially putting Europe on notice (and I paraphrase)…‘all gas to Europe will now go through Turkey.’

Not paraphrasing…“now it is up to them to put in place the necessary infrastructure starting from the Turkish-Greek border.”

Big Loser…Europe of course. If Europe wants gas, they have to deal with Turkey and Greece (see Big Winner heading).

In 2013, Europe had cheap gas ready to be delivered direct to the EU’s shores, no transit fees whatsoever…full control of their energy future going forward. Now it’s all gone.

They deserve it. Let this be a lesson to all the kids out there…when you are a spineless, corrupt, puppet ‘yes man,’ this is what happens.

And all for what? For a Ukraine with a parliament made up of neo-nazi’s, industry run by corrupt oligarchs, and a Prime Minister who actually believes that the greatest tragedy of the 20th Century was when the Soviet Union defeated Hitler’s forces.

The Saker blog sums it up nicely:

…the EU just lost it all and so did the Ukraine. Keep in mind that the EU has no other options then to purchase the Russian gas from Turkey while Russia can simply do without gaz exports to Europe because China has already signed a contract covering the exact same amount of gaz and possibly much more.

Let’s see now how the infinitely corrupt, arrogant, criminally irresponsible European elites will cope with an agriculture choking in useless surplus stocks, a society waging ideological war on 1.6 billion Muslims, and now with no energy.

And the above summary brings us to an even bigger loser, Ukraine. 

Before the Maidan coup, Ukraine (though plagued with problems) was a whole, functioning and peaceful nation.

Now, over one year later, Ukraine has a civil war in the East, a bankrupt economy begging for handouts, a government run by foreigners and an ex-US State Department official, a Rada full of shady nazi overlords, an Azov battalion run by the brutal Oligarch Kolomoisky, a Crimea ascended to Russia, a Security Services run by the CIA, and so many more problems I would need about 10 pages to list them all out.

And what awaits Ukraine in the future? How about crushing EU austerity that will make what Greece went through look like a picnic…and no more gas. Ukraine has been officially frozen out of the gas game.

Bye-bye transit fees. See you later leverage. Pipes will rust and decay. Can anyone say rump state.

Big Winner…Turkey. After having your EU membership delayed for the better part of 30 years, you now become the only go to source of Southern European gas. Turkey is now the mayor of barter town, and Europe will be paying up.

Bigger Winner…How about Greece. With elections looming in less than two weeks, the new Greek government can finally pull out of the Eurozone, and tell the EU vultures to stick it you know where.

How you ask? Well it’s simple really. The new Greek government, which will most likely be the left wing SYRIZA party, just needs to engage with Turkey, Russia mediating. The Gazprom CEO statement is crystal clear:

“Now it is up to them to put in place the necessary infrastructure starting from the Turkish-Greek border.”

Emphasis on Turkish-Greek border.

Greece needs to work with Turkey (as hard as it may be to swallow) and form a nice little energy corridor. Barter town just got bigger.

Hello big time transit fees. Hello infrastructure development. Hello jobs. Hello tons of investment.

Greece will be open for business, ready to sell some fresh, pipping hot Russian gas delivered straight from Turkey, to all it’s Balkan, Italian, Austrian, Hungarian neighbours. They will all buy like crazy.

Who cares whether Greece is in the Eurozone or not…it becomes irrelevant. Greece is now in the energy zone, and Europe will be funding Greek growth with hard cash going forward.

All Greece has to do is take the bull by the horns…man up Hellas. Do not, I repeat DO NOT, start consulting with Brussels like Bulgaria did. The EU will simply bury the entire project in paperwork and childlike delays.

Go to Turkey, go to Russia…begin building the pipeline that will connect Turkey to Greece’s western borders. Sit back and see what it finally feels like, after eight long punishing years, to control your own destiny. Europe will have no choice but to buy its energy from Greece…it’s a slam dunk victory.

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