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Better than Russia? Italian Kindergartens Have Children Crossdressing

Public pressure forced suspension of government experiment where boys in 45 Italian kindergartens were encouraged to dress as fairies and play with dolls in a bid to overcome the 'social construct' that are traditional gender roles

Have you ever wondered what the Russian Duma was up to when it passed a law prohibiting gay propaganda directed at underage children? Ever wondered what is happening in countries without such a law?

Russian law does not prohibit homosexuality as such, which is not illegal in Russia, unlike, until recently, in some US states. Granted, some cultural discrimination against alternative sexualities might exist in Russia. But it is no different, in kind and intensity, from what one might find in that faithful US ally and NATO poodle, Poland.

<figcaption>Enough already!</figcaption>
Enough already!

In fact, more vitriolic speech against homosexuals comes from Ukraine. In addition, gay marriages and adoptions are nowhere legal in former East European countries. Yet these facts have not prevented Western mainstream media from singling out Russia as the only anti-homosexuality "offender".

What we in the West are faced with, and what the Russian Duma is trying, so far successfully, to defend Russian children against, is a major social engineering experiment being carried out under the banner of "Gender Mainstream" by unelected, unrepresentative, ideologically motivated zealots.

They are now having a field day in northeast Italy. The regional government of Friuli-Venezia Giulia launched in early March an educational initiative called Il Gioco del Rispetto (“The game of respect”). So far 45 kindergartens are playing ball.

Boys masquerade as witches, fairies, or other typical female figures. Girls, as knights, kings, or other typical male figures. They then exchange clothes. Yes, the boys wear the girls’, the girls the boys’. And they touch each other and name their genitals, and so on.

They draw their fathers busy with domestic chores such as ironing, and their mothers repairing the car. Little boys are then encouraged to play with dolls, and girls to fight dragons and other dangerous beasts. These are just a few of the activities such “games” involve. No need to delve further.

Predictable was the reaction of Italian parents. In March, it was so vehement that the Friuli-Venezia Giulia authorities had to back down - for the time being, that is - until another such “initiative” is tried on children turned into guinea pigs.

Parents condemned “ambiguous games” of “unsuitable hot activities” that “undermine the fundamental cell of society, namely the family”, and that “create confusion over children’s sexual identities”.

Those in favor – almost none among the parents themselves – defended Il Gioco del Rispetto as a way of overriding traditional gender identity. Proponents say such games favor “respect between the genders” and promote “equal opportunities”.

The key word here is “respect”. The game itself is named after this highly manipulated concept.

Indeed, with the excuse of teaching children “respect” and appreciation for “diversity”, gender mainstream ideologues put forward the highly controversial and scientifically baseless assertion that gender differences are just cultural.

To gender mainstream ideologues there are no natural differences between male and female: only "social constructions". No straight or homosexual inclinations, only choices. No mother and father, but just "parent 1" and "parent 2".

The above is, in synthesis, what such intelligently malign projects boil down to deconstructing the concepts of gender and sexuality, of family and parenthood.

Is this acceptable as an academic policy? Whatever, it cannot be adopted as state educational policy as long as it contradicts the views of the vast majority of the population.

This experiment in social engineering is precisely what a large majority of ordinary Russians, as well as Orthodox and Muslim leaders, do not want to see implemented. As Russia is a democracy - as a matter of fact and not merely fine words as in the West - the Duma legislated accordingly.

Western media have blasted the Russian law against homosexual propaganda being directed at children ever since for being homophobic, full stop, without reporting context and background. Nor did Western media bother to offer readers any translation of the actual law, perhaps because doing so would reveal that it only protects children and is not homophobic.

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