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Better Late Than Never! McCain Has Brain Cancer, 14 More Months to Go!

Brain cancer diagnosed with brain cancer!

Cancer Brain McCain has been diagnosed with brain cancer.

He's already had surgery and the doctors think they cut it all out, but that doesn't mean he's now healthy. On the contrary, he's going to be getting chemo and radiation therapy and die anyway in the end:

McCain is now recovering at his Arizona home. He and his family are considering treatment options, which will likely include radiation and chemotherapy, his doctors said.

"It's a very aggressive tumor," said Gupta. He explained that average survival for malignant glioblastoma tends to be around 14 months with treatment. In McCain's case, additional therapy, including radiation, could not begin until the incision heals, which would be in the next three or four weeks.

McCain is 81. People he's helped kill in the wars he fomented were of all ages. So all that's left is to be very, very sympathetic:

RI crying ourselves to sleep 


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