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The Best Trump Video Ever. Period. Remake of the Huge Hit Movie "300"

Cameo appearances by George Soros, Li'l Marko, Lyin Ted, Sumner Redstone, Michael Eisner, and of course, Evil Queen Hillary

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This video is tearing up the internet.  It is a parody of the 2006 blockbuster movie "The 300", which tells the story of how 300 Spartans stopped a Persian army of 30,000 at Thermopylae.  (Wikipedia article about the movie)

The movie was a huge success, grossing $450 million - so a lot of people are going to relate to this.  

<figcaption>Against insurmountable odds, he stood up to evil, and won.</figcaption>
Against insurmountable odds, he stood up to evil, and won.

It was also weirdly prescient, nicely anticipating the migrant wave from the Middle East now engulfing Europe via Greece.  This will resonate.

This video is really well done, it nails just what Trump is up against - the establishment.  

The video has gotten 85,000 views in two days.  Our in-house pop-meme analysts predict that it will break a million in a week, and could go stratospheric by the elections in November, seriously influencing the US election.

That's why you read Russia Insider, cause we bring you the scoops way before the others can.

Watch it.

alternate video link here

George Soros plays the role of the demonicly-influenced emperor Xerxes

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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