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The Best of Maria Zakharova: A Compilation of Her Taking Down Anti-Russia Propagandists on TV! (Video)

She speaks the new language of diplomacy

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

If you wish to comprehend the phenomenon of RF Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova, you ought to read these quotes from articles published in RI.

Dmitry Mikheev A former Soviet political refuge and a Reagan era senior researcher at the neocon Hudson Institute who re-emigrated to Russia:  

<figcaption>Not just a pretty face</figcaption>
Not just a pretty face

“I believe our leaders are too polite. In public appearances they must express themselves more sharply; they mustn’t hesitate to get personal. I would suggest watching more American westerns. Remember Clint Eastwood? This is the style of communication that Americans understand and respect. This style is inherent in their cultural code regardless of their social origin, color or religion.”

Charles Bausman, RI Editor:

“I say to you Russia, speak up!, do not hide behind diplomatic niceties - call things by their true name with a loud and confident voice.”  

Apparently, this advice from RI was heard and Maria Zakharova was appointed  to officially speak the languge the West understand!

And she does this very well. Her message is not only forceful but it is a MESSAGE. Whatever she speaks about - as in this video selection -  be it her lessons to the Ukrainian interlocutors on how to love their country or recital of her own experience of the ‘wild 90s’ explaining to Western propagandists and decision makers why it is impossible to scare Russians into submission by sanctions - it is well argued,  fact based and eloquent.

How many top civil servants in the Western world do you know who challenge the media to argue with them? And win the arguments?

Bravo, Maria!

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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