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Ex-Italy PM Berlusconi: Western Leaders' Absence From Moscow on May 9 Is Their Political Failure

Ex-Italian PM also brought up the price European and Italian business have had to pay for “the abortive policy of sanctions”

Report by TASS. Translation by Novorossia Today

ROME, May 9, (TASS) - The absence of Western leaders at the celebration of the 70th anniversary of Victory in Moscow on Saturday demonstrates the failure of the West, according to Italian ex-PM, leader of the “Forza, Italia” party Silvio Berlusconi in his open letter published in Italian Corriera della Sera newspaper.

“The tribune in the Red Square, on which beside the Head of the Russian state the leaders of India, China and other Asian countries are sitting is not the indication of the isolation of Russia; it is the evidence of the Western policy failure. I consider the vacant seats not the demonstration of strength, but the symbol of our defeat”, Berlusconi wrote.

The veteran of Italian and European politics remarked that the present-day geopolitical scenario contains two challenges for the West. “They are the economic challenge on the part of the swiftly developing Asian economies and the military challenge on the part of Islamic extremism. In order to oppose these challenges we cannot but cooperate with Russia”, Berlusconi remarked.

He also emphasized the fact that the settlement of Ukrainian crisis cannot be reached without Moscow’s participation, or,  the more so, “in the anti-Russian context”. Berlusconi reminded about the great price that European and Italian business paid for the “abortive policy of sanctions”.

“We understand the position of the Baltic States, which suffered from repression under the Soviet rule, perfectly well, and we are aware of the necessity to provide their security. Nevertheless, are the guarantees of this safety more expressive in the case, when the RF is a part of Europe, or when Russia is isolated and has turned to the East for cooperation?” the politician summed up.

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