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Berlin Pouring Cash into Anti-Russian Media Machine

The Merkel regime has nothing better to do with German taxpayers' money

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

Originally appeared in German at Kopp Online. Translated by Boris Jaruselski. Edited by Fabio Albertin

A massive media network against Vladimir Putin is currently under construction in Eastern Europe. Not only NATO is behind this move, but also the EU, with a super-sized propaganda ministry – the “East StratCom Task Force”. The extent and the costs involved in this media war, are being disguised though many money pots. The real cost for this is too high: Europe's media is adjusting to the “guided reporting”. If western propaganda is to function well, it has to become the truth for us.

The media Cold War between the West and Russia, is getting ever hotter: NATO and the EU are expanding their propaganda offensive massively. A question by Die Linke to the Bundestag exemplifies this. The government was forced to react – the answer discloses something more.

German citizens have apparently been financing the EU's media war for a while already. But no one knows of it, since it is not a compulsory fee, like the broadcasting fee. Things are under the public's radar. However the fact is, Western governments are paying journalists in Eastern Europe for anti-Putin reporting in the Russian language. And where are the finances coming from? The taxpayer!

Kopp Online has been reporting on this secret media war for a month already. The federal government has disclosed the true extent now in a ministerial statement: already since the 1st September, “East StratCom Task Force”, under the Brit Giles Portman, is pulling the strings. This organization is some kind of super-propagada- ministry, under the umbrella of the European Foreign Office (EEAS). Both of which, however, are not under any European parliamentary scrutiny.

EU Propaganda from labyrinthine financing channels

The aims of this new organization were pegged out by EU Foreign Minister Frederica Mogherini already in March: the “advance of the EU's political goals in the eastern neighborhood”. For which reason “independent media” in Russia, Georgia, the Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus, Azerbaijan and Armenia are being built up from the ground.

When journalists are trained and paid for a propaganda program, then they cannot be called “independent". Are these journalists really reporting independently about the Kremlin - or rather about the western hand, which feeds them?

Eastern Europe is increasingly becoming a play ball of the NATO military and EU politicians. They are pouring in western taxpayers' money and are fanning anti-Russian sentiments with controlled media.

And why are they permitted to do this? The West is using a killer argument: Putin the same in reverse, so we play according to his rules. Full stop! This is exactly the nail in the coffin of European freedom of the press. Whoever scourges Russia's “disinformation politics”, but is building up an interest based propaganda machine, considers media capable of being anything – but certainly not "free".

This unethical campaign is financed though “various financial instruments” by the EU and their member states, it says in the ministerial statement of the federal government. Accurate accounting can not be provided, several “budgetary lines” are being considered. Which means, that the flow of money is being veiled with several money pots. Disinformation looks like this: Europe's citizenry has no idea how much the propaganda ministry costs, what exactly it is they do and where exactly the money is coming from.

But that the ministry is getting ever busier, is becoming ever more apparent – and that the US is energetically muscling in in the background. NATO operates a “Center for Excellence for Strategic Communications” in Riga – their own coordination center for propaganda. The Ukraine officially supports a propaganda ministry with western finances, specific stoking anti-Russian opinion. A Russian speaking public broadcaster, ERR, is operating in Estonia. Something very similar is planned for Lithuania and Latvia.

Germany is leading in the construction of Anti-Putin-Media

Deutsche Welle, the foreign language broadcaster financed by the German federal government – is helping with the establishment of the so-called “independent media” in Eastern Europe. Their journalists are being trained there under a deal which Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier introduced in April.

Another personality is very telling: journalist Peter Limbourg, the director of Deutsche Welle, is smoothly progressing in the establishment of a media network hostile to Moscow. From 1990 to 1996 it was precisely Limbourg, who was the European correspondent of NATO in Brussels. This short stay is delivering an unpleasant aftertaste now.

It is not only Eastern Europe, where the media war between Moscow and the West is being fought out. This Anti-Putin propaganda also lands on our breakfast tables as print, or as evening news.

It is highly unlikely, that Claus Kleber in the 'Heute Journal' on ZDF, will step in front of the camera and go on telling the truth: “Now between us: we are reporting on Eastern Europe in a biased way. This is being done by anti-Moscow journalists. I know that. We have trained them and they are all in the payroll of the EU and NATO. So that the Russians over there finally vote their Putin out of office.”

From the EU propaganda to the lying press

The toll propaganda takes, is on the truth – all else is only a schizophrenic illusion. When the West engages in the Russian “Maskirovka” - the hybrid warfare with deception, obfuscation and disinformation – collateral damages result. Particularly the independent media is being drawn into this downward spiral, into this arms race of words.

Those who finance and guide foreign propaganda, also change domestic opinions – to then disguise the apparent dilemma: that there is an accepted truth in Russia, following only one motive: to depose Putin. Western propaganda only functions well, when it has turned into truth for us.

The Germans have perceived it already for a while: in the “free West” too, there is “guided reporting”. Media is “steered from above” and are publishing “white-washed and incorrect reports”. In short: 44 percent are only referring to the “lying press”. This recent result by the Forsa poll, is not the last word spoken in this great media war of our time. 


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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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