Belarus and Russia Will Stand Shoulder to Shoulder in War with NATO, Says Lukashenko

The Belarusian president said that NATO's new deployments on Russia's border were also at threat to the security of Belarus

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The President of Belarus, Aleksandr Lukashenko let it be known at a government meeting this week that NATO may get more than they bargained for if they ever attack Russia.

With respect to the recent military exercises and military build up in Poland and the Baltic states, he noted that Belarus, too, is not blind to NATO's actions on their border.

"The Russians often say that NATO deployed a new contingent on Russia's borders. It must be emphasized that first and foremost it is on our borders, Belarusian borders. We see it and we accept no hubbub, no noise, and will take adequate measures."

Lukashenko also mentioned the fact that Russia and Belarus had developed a joint defensive strategy and that in the event of war, the two nations would fight side by side, with the Belarusian army fighting a holding action against a NATO attack while the Russian army comes up from the rear.
"The Belarusian army forms part of this defensive group. In case of conflict, they will be the first to come into battle and for a short time [delay the enemy] until the other part concentrated in the west of the Russian Federation can come up. We do not hide it from our western colleagues. They are well aware of our arrangement with Russia."
Though Russia and Belarus have their disagreements from time to time, Lukashenko made it clear that when the chips are down, at least two parts of Ancient Rus (the third being Malorussia, now called Ukraine) will stand united. 

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