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Americans Can Vote for Any President - as Long as It's the Establishment's Candidate

The Republican and Democratic parties have become the Communist Party of the Soviet Union of the 1980s


This post first appeared on Russia Insider

Edward Lozansky is a President of the American University in Moscow, and Martin Sieff is a former senior foreign correspondent for The Washington Times and a senior fellow of the American University in Moscow.

In the old days of USSR its media and rulers blamed American imperialists not only for the merciless exploitation of the proletarian masses but for almost all the world’s calamities, including but not limited to the spread of AIDS.  Now it looks like the West is using practically the same approach by pointing the finger on Putin for suppressing basic freedoms for Russian people, his imminent plans to invade Baltic and East European states, and many other crimes.

<figcaption>Heads I win, tails you lose</figcaption>
Heads I win, tails you lose

The latest Putin ‘atrocity’ is the Brussels’ terror attack; at least according to many respected Western media sources such as “Newsweek” magazine, German radio station “Deutsche Welle”, and French paper “Le Monde who gave space and time to quote Ukrainian government officials when they announced the terrorist attacks in Brussels being a joint Putin-ISIS conspiracy to distract media attention from the civil war in Ukraine.

Everyone knows that practically all Kiev officials have a pretty dubious reputation to take their statements seriously, but who cares?  Mark Galeotti, a NYU scholar of Russian affairs, called these comments “clumsy,” adding that it’s a “perfect example of how Ukraine manages to fumble infowar by stressing war over info.” However, if you want to demonize Putin everything goes.

Thanks to top NATO General Philip Breedlove we now know that it is Putin who is to blame for the European refugee crisis. “Together, Russia and the Assad regime are deliberately weaponizing migration in an attempt to overwhelm European structures and break European resolve,” Breedlove recently told the Senate Armed Services Committee.

So it is not US policy of regime changes in Iraq, Libya and Syria that resulted in the gigantic flow of refugees and not a NATO member Turkey that plays a big role in this process but again, it is the same Russian devil Putin who has cynically masterminded this crisis.

Some European politicians, especially those who keep losing votes, also accuse Putin of exacerbating anti-Muslim sentiment to benefit right-wing parties at a fragile moment for the European Union.

The listing of Putin’s mischiefs can continue indefinitely and pretty soon we might hear the accusations of his direct involvement in the US politics.  Indeed, why not blame Putin for instigating the “American Spring” or the “Stars and Stripes” color revolution to support millions of Americans who are being denied democracy in the presidential election process as the US political establishment moves to first ignore and then crush the mass popular protests. In the Democratic Party, Senator Bernie Sanders remains a serious challenger to establishment candidate Hillary Clinton in the popular vote and the number of delegates he has legitimately won. However, the institution of “super-delegates” who are selected by the party’s establishment has already been used to give Clinton an almost insurmountable majority of delegates at the coming national convention in Philadelphia.

In the Republican Party, the picture is even more blatant. According to the GOP’s own venerable rules, outsider challenger Donald Trump is the clear favorite. He has amassed a wide lead of voters and delegates way ahead of Senator Ted Cruz of Texas. The gap between them looks certain to widen as major high population states with industries ravaged by Free Trade like New York and Wisconsin have still to hold their own primary and caucus contests.

The Republican Party has been dominated by Free Trade purists and advocates of “muscular” unlimited military intervention around the world, yet its own core voters have systematically and consistently rejected party establishment favorites like Jeb Bush, Lindsey Graham, John Kasich, Marco Rubio, Rick Perry, Scott Walker and Bobby Jindal in one primary and caucus contest after another.

Indeed, as each of these candidates has staked out ever more extreme positions, promising to “stand up” to Putin, expand US military support for Ukraine and promote democracy around the world, the party’s own voters have abandoned and humiliated each of them decisively.

However, the GOP establishment becomes ever more determined to deny its own people the genuine right of democratic choice: In recent weeks, one party establishment veteran after another has loudly and clearly stated that they have the right to ignore and dethrone the popular choice at the party’s nominating convention in Cleveland in July.

The unruly and despised protestors who have peacefully and lawfully cast their primary and caucus votes for Trump have been told in no uncertain terms that they do not select the presidential nominee, the “party” does.

There was another monolithic political establishment that held power proudly and exclusively for 74 years that addressed its own public in those terms: The Communist Party of the Soviet Union (CPSU) acted that way when it turned former Moscow Party First Secretary Boris Yeltsin, incomparably the most popular leader in the party at the time, into a pariah stripped of the opportunity to politically express himself more than a quarter century ago.

The Republican and Democratic parties have become the CPSU of the 1980s: And they do not even realize it.


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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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