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Europe Will Need to Copy Israel to Avoid Future Terrorist Attacks (Video)

"...if these things happen in the Middle East, sooner or later they will happen in Europe."

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

The author is President of the Institute for Middle East Studies and one of Russia’s most respected experts on the region.

-Last Thursday a terrorist attack of a type that Europe had never seen took place in Nice...

<figcaption> The infamous Charlie Hebdo marked the Nice slaughter with yet another cartoon</figcaption>
The infamous Charlie Hebdo marked the Nice slaughter with yet another cartoon

This was an ordinary automobile terrorist attack. It was by the book, standard in Israel, for example, but the world, including France, prefers not to notice.

There are also bulldozer attacks, when someone gets behind the wheel of a heavy vehicle and runs into passers-by. There have been dozens of these terrorist attacks in Israel, killing many people. They’ve been going on for years. According to the law of communicating vessels, if these things happen in the Middle East, sooner or later they will happen in Europe.

-But Europe is not ready to reflect on this threat.  This is surprising because quite recently there were terrorist attacks in Paris, and the country is still under emergency law.  Nonetheless, they failed to prevent the attack in Nice. How is this possible?

A eunuch is a bad Kamasutra instructor. A president, prime minister or police chief immobilized by legislation is incapable of fighting against anyone. These people can’t do anything; they don’t understand the world they live in.

They’ll hand out “We are Nice” pins and decorate the Eiffel Tower with the colors of mourning or other beautiful, creative silly things. They’re incapable of anything else.  

The reaction of world leaders is typical: “We can’t believe that”. They can’t believe that! Merkel and Obama also make insensible remarks. What's the use of that?

-ISIS took responsibility for the terrorist attack…

Today terrorist attacks are only organized as individual jihads. This attack was committed by a citizen of France who surfed the Internet, then jumped behind the wheel of a truck and mowed down French people.

The Islamic State doesn’t plan and conduct actions in Europe – that’s rubbish. Terrorist attacks on behalf of the Islamic State are committed either by self-taught people under the guise of ISIS (as in this case), or small groups, as part of collective surfing, visiting mosques, reading radical literature. Like hobby clubs.  

There is a lot of information on the Internet that can turn anyone into terrorist who wants to become a terrorist. There is advice, telling them what they need to do. Social networks, flash mobs – all that has been going on for a long time.  

But people don’t understand, which is why they keep asking: “Who managed this attack?”…It’s likely that no one managed this specific attack. They say: “Take a knife and kill them.” If you are in Israel – kill Jews. If you are in France – kill Jews; or a soldier, like in Great Britain, whose head was cut off in the street. Or whoever comes along.

This has been a part of our everyday lives for a long time.  But European politicians don’t understand this and can only come up with symbolic solidarity actions.

Imagine that man-eating wolves begin walking the streets, but we keep saying that a wolf is a rare animal, and also there are more people than wolves, so we shouldn’t touch them. And we must not put them to death, because that’s not ethical.

They can dissect a healthy giraffe in the zoo in Copenhagen, but they can’t execute a terrorist. And prison conditions are ten times better than the living conditions in their homelands. It’s a paradise for terrorists!  

-What would be an effective way to decrease the terrorist threat in Europe?

Preventive measures, like they have in Israel.

We need to institute capital punishment and use it decisively and without remorse. We need to expel the families of the terrorists from the country. This helps a lot. We need to get rid of everything that prevents us from fighting terrorists, even if it violates human rights and curtails their freedom to do whatever they want.

Any violation should be subject to prosecution.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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