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Assad Thanks Russia and China For Fighting West’s ‘Agenda of Instability’ (VIDEO)

Assad added that "if [the West] had the chance, they would try to change every government in the world"

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

As we reported this morning, Assad gave an amazing interview to Chinese media in which he stated very clearly that U.S. troops in Syria are "invaders" who have lost "nearly every war". 

We found the full interview, and it's a gem. 

<figcaption>The whole world is thankful</figcaption>
The whole world is thankful

Our favorite moment (aside from Assad pointing out that U.S. soldiers in Syria are invaders who can't fight their way out of a paper bag) comes when the Chinese reporter asks Assad about the recent U.N. Security Council resolution to impose new sanctions on Syria, which both Russia and China vetoed (and in our opinion, solidified the Moscow-Beijing strategic alliance against Washington). 

Here's Assad commenting on the joint Russian/Chinese veto, and what it means:

China is a member of the Security Council, and it’s committed to the Charter of the United Nations. In that veto, China has defended that Charter, because the United Nations was created in order to restore stability around the world.

Actually, the western countries — the permanent members of the Security Council — they are trying to use the United Nations and the Security Council as a tool in order to change regimes or governments. [They use the U.N.] to implement their own agenda, not to restore stability. Actually, they create more instability around the world.

China restored stability around the world, by creating political balance in the United Nations, of course in cooperation with Russia, which is very important for the whole world. This is good for Syria, and good for the rest of the world.

Assad added that "if [the West] had the chance, they would try to change every government in the world."

Watch the full interview. Assad's comments about China and Russia begin around the 12:50 mark (the video is in English, by the way):


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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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