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APPEAL: We've Launched Russia Insider's Crowdfunding on Kickstarter. Please join the Crowd!

Dear Readers,

We launched our crowdfunding campaign today, and it will run for 40 days on the biggest crowdfunding platform in the world, Kickstarter.  Click here to go to Kickstarter.

I want to thank you all again for the your remarkable support and encouragement since starting this site 5 short months ago.   We're doing something important and needed, and it is clear to us that many of our readers understand that.

Our mainstream media have gone seriously haywire.  Our site is all about pointing this out, trying to understand why it is happening, and correcting the record.

Please watch this video appeal:


Crowdfunding gives all of us an incredible opportunity to take this much further.  We are over 50 volunteers, we've shown you that we can pack a punch, and now, please help us hire the journalists to tell this story the way it needs to be told.  

We are in touch with dozens of truly talented writers who are ready to produce.  All we have to do is start paying them!

Even if you can only make a small donation, it makes a big difference.  The number of contributors is reported publicly.  It sends a message, encourages others to give, gets media to write about our campaign, and boosts our rankings on Kickstarter, so more people see the campaign.

And please:  Share, share, share.   Tweet, tweet, tweet.  These campaigns get traction by spreading on social media.  Your shares and tweets translate into real money coming in.

Thanks again to all readers, volunteers, commentors - you've helped make a remarkable site.  We are truly humbled.

Charles Bausman


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