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Another Anti-Migrant, Traditionalist Win in Europe, in Slovenia. Is the Tide Turning?

Fortress Europe is an ideal rather than a reality, but the dream is coming closer after yet another victory for the forces of cultural and racial survival in Slovenia's general election. 
Viktor Orban with Janez Jansa

According to the latest exit polls, the anti-immigrant Slovenian Democratic Party (SDP) is set to be the biggest party after elections held Sunday (3rd June):

The SDS party of veteran right-wing leader Janez Jansa is leading in Slovenia's parliamentary election, according to an exit poll published after voting ended on Sunday.

The exit poll for public television gave Jansa's SDS 24.4 percent with the "anti-system" party of comedian-turned-politician Marjan Sarec coming second on 12.6 percent.

If confirmed in official results, the results mean a coalition government likely will have to be formed. Preliminary results will be issued by the State Election Commission later on Sunday.

The country's 1.7 million voters are choosing between 25 parties under a system of multi-member constituencies. This means that representation will be roughly proportional to votes. While the SDP will be the biggest party, it will have to work with at least two other parties in a coalition to achieve its goal of preventing immigration.

"We will probably have to wait for some time after the election before serious talks on a new government will be possible," Mr Jansa told reporters after voting. "We believe that today a first step will be made towards Slovenia becoming a country that will put the well-being and security of Slovenians first."

With strong anti-immigrant governments already in place in Hungary and now Italy, the EU's southern border is starting to look a lot firmer. 

A government dominated by the SDS, which has close links with Viktor Orban's Fidesz Party in Hungary, would see Slovenia forming a part of this new zone of demographic resistance to protect the sacred heartland of Europe from alien colonisation.

Another brick in the wall?

Source: Trad News
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